Ron DeSantis Comes To The Rescue With Executive Order On Israel Aid


Some elected officials talk a lot and make a lot of posturing. Others actually act on their words.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has a strong sense of action, as he demonstrated on Thursday when he signed an executive order that reaffirmed his support for Israel and cleared the way to rescue flights for Floridians stuck in Israel and deliveries of supplies.

DeSantis said that “a State of Emergency exists in Florida” because Jewish people, both at home and abroad, were threatened by Hamas or Hamas sympathizers and wanted to return home, but couldn’t.

The EO stated that “there are more than 20,000 Americans in Israel, including many Floridians who wish to go home, but are prevented from doing so due to commercial airline restrictions.” DeSantis also mentioned that Florida has “one of the largest Jewish communities in the world”, with many having dual citizenship, relatives in Israel, and business interests.

DeSantis also criticized Biden’s administration for their lack of information and action on plans for rescue operations.

Unlike other governments, the Biden Administration has not launched any rescue or evacuation operation for Americans, including Floridians stranded there, and has also failed to provide the information requested by Florida regarding any such plans.

The Biden White House announced its own evacuation plans on the same day as the EO announcement.

“… Beginning tomorrow, the United States Government will arrange charter flights for transportation from Israel to European sites,” White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby stated during the daily briefing.

Kirby said that they are still working out the details to help U.S. Citizens and their immediate families who, for whatever reasons, have not been able to provide commercial transit outside the country. “And I’d add that we are also exploring other ways to increase our capacity to do this, such as exploring whether or not it is possible to assist Americans to leave the country by land and sea.”

You can read the full DeSantis Executive Order here, which authorizes the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) to coordinate and carry out all necessary rescue/supply flights and also activates both the Florida National Guard & Florida State Guard to “respond to the emergency… as required.”