Ron DeSantis Is Sending Out $450 Stimulus Checks In Florida


What are the Ron DeSantis Stimulus Checks Florida residents are now receiving stimulus checks worth $450 from Governor Ron DeSantis? They also include a message reminding them of the importance to help families prepare for the new school year. Surprise stimulus checks have been sent to approximately 60,000 families in Florida, including foster parents, relatives caregivers, Guardianships Assistance Program participants, and families who receive Temporary Assistance For Needy Families (TANF).

The stimulus checks do not require applicants to fill out an application. If they are eligible, they will be mailed to them.

Governor DeSantis, in letters, addressed to Florida residents dated July 15, 2022, stressed the importance for families in preparing for a new school year.

The Florida governor wrote, “As a father to three young children, it can be exciting and stressful to get ready for a new school year.” The State of Florida will give you $450 per child to offset rising inflation, especially as a new school year approaches.

The letter stated that the one-time stimulus check payment could be used for any family member’s needs. It also reminded residents of the “Back-to-School” sales tax holiday that runs from July 25 to August 7. This will allow families to get the supplies they need for the next school year at an affordable price.

“Please accept this payment in gratitude and acknowledgment for everything you have done to ensure Florida’s future. God bless you and God bless Florida,” the governor signed.

New ‘Stimulus Checks’? They are actually real!

It’s not surprising that there were a number of fake stimulus checks across the country, all aimed at American families who are struggling to pay their bills.

Many recipients were surprised by the letters, which prompted media outlets to contact the governor’s office to verify their authenticity.

Christina Pushaw is Governor Ron DeSantis’ press secretary. She confirmed that the stimulus checks are real and that they were used to pay for food, fuel, clothes, and other necessities.

Pushaw tweeted, “Florida Families: These letters really are real.”

“These $450 per-child one-time payments are part of @GovRonDeSantis’ new budget. You can see the press release by First Lady @CaseyDeSantis roundtable about Hope Florida – A Pathway To Prosperity last Wednesday,” she said.

Florida’s First Lady Casey DeSantis announced Friday in Tampa that the state government was continuing to work on a plan to assist families as they prepare for a new school year.

Casey DeSantis stated last week that she is making sure Florida families are taken care of. $35 million from the budget will be used to support foster and adoptive families. Single moms in Florida will receive a $450 one-time payment.

I think this is absolutely amazing of Casey and Ron DeSantis because a lot of Americans are having a hard time buying their children school clothes to start out the upcoming new school year due to skyrocketing inflation. As a single mom, I know how hard it can be to pay bills and have to come up with back-to-school money, and I have struggled countless times. This means most kids would have to go back to school without new or even clean clothes, shoes, and the school supplies that they desperately need. I know this Stimulus check helps a lot of struggling families and makes it so that kids can feel good about themselves when they go back to school. This is amazing of the DeSantis family, and I wish I lived in Florida!!!!