San Francisco Criminal Justice System Rocked By Earthquake Under New DA, Activist Says


A San Francisco activist said that the new district attorney will make a significant impact on the city by the Bay.

Richie Greenberg is the founder of the campaign to recall Chesa Boudin. “We are experiencing an earthquake here at the criminal justice system.”

Brooke Jenkins was elected district attorney by London Breed after San Francisco voters recall Boudin in June. From 2014 to 2021, she was an assistant district attorney.

According to a press release by the mayor’s office, Jenkins quit as assistant DA under Boudin on October 20, 2021. He cited “mounting dissatisfaction at the direction of the office”.

Greenberg stated that there will be a time period under Brooke Jenkins as the new DA to rebuild trust in the prosecutor’s office with voters, San Franciscans, and business leaders, along with tourists.

After years of serving as a leader under progressive district attorneys like Kamala Harris, George Gascon, and most recently Boudin Greenberg stated that he is eager to see how Jenkin’s policies will impact the city.

Greenberg stated that San Francisco’s homelessness and drug problems are something everyone looks forward to. “Brooke Jenkins is talking about dealing with drug dealers that lead the drug dens scattered throughout San Francisco.”

Greenberg said, “We all have been greatly affected by these criminals running rampant here with almost impunity.”

Jenkins considers herself a progressive prosecutor and said that Boudin was too rigid during the recall campaign. He removed cash bail from defendants and said that minors would not face the same fate as adults, regardless of how serious the crime was. According to The Associated Press, Jenkins stated that she would like prosecutors to have these tools at their disposal.

Greenberg stated that Brooke Jenkins has promised to take on the drug dealers and help end the scenes in parts of the city that continue to be repeated, which have been caused by Gascon or former DA Chesaboudin.

Jenkins fired at most 15 employees within a week of her beginning her new job.

Last week, the new San Francisco District Attorney released a statement stating that she made “difficult but important changes” to her management team and staff. These changes will allow me to achieve my vision of restoring safety in San Francisco through holding repeat and serious offenders accountable and implementing smart reforms to criminal justice.

Greenberg stated that having a strong, competent prosecutor and her team will make a fundamental shift.

He continued, “We all have fingers crossed.”