Ron DeSantis Issues Scathing Response to Democrat Accusing Him of Human Trafficking


A Democratic congressman accused Ron DeSantis of human trafficking. The Florida governor was harsh in his response.

Left-leaning parties use the accusation of human trafficking to attack Republican governors who have moved migrants to cities or other locations ostensibly in order to support migrants.

Hakeem Jeffries (a Democratic Representative from New York) made the well-known injures against DeSantis and Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, a Republican.

Jeffries stated to reporters, “They should act like governors, not human traffickers. ”

He stated that the Republican governor’s actions were “radical, reckless, regressive and repudiable.”

DeSantis retaliated against Jeffries and other Democrats after he was informed about the remarks made by the Democrat at a press conference later in the day.

“I heard not one peep from these people when [President Joe] Biden flew these people across the fruited Plain in the middle of the night. OK?” DeSantis received a large round of applause.

“I haven’t heard anything about people who were told by Biden that they can just go in, and they’re going. They are being abused and drowning in the Rio Grande. ”

“I heard no outrage about any of that!” DeSantis said.

“I haven’t heard any outrage about all the fentanyl that has been crossing the border. It is killing Americans at an alarming rate.”

DeSantis stated that “the only thing they get upset over is the 50 [migrants] that end up on Martha’s Vineyard.” “They suddenly get really upset. ”

Officials at Martha’s Vineyard tried to provide shelter for migrants who arrived on the island. They were able to arrange for them to be bused to Cape Cod where they were accommodated at a military base.

DeSantis was charged for sending 48 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard.

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