Gun Control Activist David Hogg Says He Does Not Plan to Have Children, Rather Get Porsche and Pet Dogs


David Hogg, a gun control activist, stated on Twitter that he doesn’t plan to have children and would prefer to get a Porsche and some dogs.

Hogg was a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland, Florida in 2018, when an individual committed a mass shooting. He also claimed that the U.S. values firearms more than children’s lives and that he wouldn’t want to have children in America.

“Like kids, yes they are nice, but most people cannot afford them so it is nice to have friends with one and not own one.” “Pets are today’s affordable option for kids, especially for Millennials and Gen Z,” he wrote. He also stated that plants are more affordable than children. He stated that having children and raising them properly in America is a luxury for the few.

“Like me?” I don’t plan on having children. I’d rather have a Porsche than a Portuguese water dog or golden retriever. It’s more affordable, better for the environment, and it won’t tell you it hates or ask you for money to go to college. Hogg tweeted. He wrote, “Also, a big reason I won’t have children in the US–I refuse to raise my kids in a country which values f guns above children’s lives.”

Hogg stated that he would rather have a sports car and dogs than children. “Fox & Friends Weekend’ cohost Will Cain responded, “This is legitimately tragic. This is a self-absorbed, unfulfilled life. This is the person in whom wisdom can be found. SAD!”

Miranda Devine tweeted, “The ultimate in self-absorption nihilistic,” and she is the author of “Laptop from Hell”: Hunter Biden’s Big Tech and the Dirty Secrets that the President Tried To Hide.”

Kira Davis, RedState’s spokesperson, tweeted “We find your terms acceptable.” “Also…this makes it wonder what kinds of conversations David has with his parents. Never has a child ever told me that they hated me. This is a common practice at the Hogg home.

Hogg noted that he believes President Joe Biden is the most successful president in advancing his policy agendas since LBJ.