Ron DeSantis Lays Waste to Gavin Newsom’s Laughably Dishonest Attacks


Ron DeSantis continues his response to Gavin Newsom’s ridiculous criticisms of the Florida Governor and destroys the arguments that were made.

We reported that Newsom was involved in a one-sided feud with DeSantis. Newsom launched an attack on the Sunshine State governor. Newsom called him a bully and said he had to “stop.”

Recently, the governor of California made the hilarious admission that he was targeting DeSantis after the latter threatened to fine Special Olympics for violating its COVID-19 vaccination mandate. This was done in order to ensure that all athletes could compete, even those who are unable to receive the vaccine because of pre-existing conditions. Newsom seems to value the pointless, irrational virtue signaling of partisan adults above the needs of children. This is not surprising considering his servitude to teachers’ unions during this pandemic.

It was absurd and hilarious to watch the whole spectacle. Newsom is desperate to get national attention, in order to claim Kamala Harris’ ordained place at the top of 2024’s presidential ticket. DeSantis is out to ruin his parade. The Florida Man did it again Tuesday, in a skillful takedown of Newsom.

“This man locked people down, prevented children from school, denied people the right to work, and wanted COVID vaccinations to be forced on everyone including children. I stood in the way of all that,” he said. “We made sure that people had the choice about whether they wanted to take this vax or not.

DeSantis was critical of Newsom’s criticisms of DeSantis because he urged the Special Olympics to not drop the mandate to vacate. This would have been against the law of the state.

“These athletes – down syndrome and disabilities, wanted to compete in the Special Olympics in Orlando. The doctors of the athletes that I met advised them not to discriminate on the basis of their health. ”

Newsom makes false generalizations about Florida, but DeSantis is backed by real-world examples. California has been an example of how not to run a state over the past two decades. The state is experiencing extreme homelessness, high taxes, a declining population, and woefully inadequate management of the public infrastructure (energy, water, and so on) that has led to constant shortages.

COVID-19 is another example of Newsom refusing to give up his emergency powers, which helped bring about years of lockdowns and ineffective mandates. California is a state that controls everything. This means there is no true freedom. Florida is a stark contrast. It prioritizes individual rights and not the interests of politicians or partisan officials.

DeSantis’ battle with the Special Olympics bureaucracy was just an extension of this commitment. Children wanted to participate in Special Olympics that they otherwise wouldn’t be allowed to. DeSantis ensured they were allowed. It is a strategic error that Newsom would choose this as his attack line.

DeSantis chose to engage Newsom, which I think is noteworthy. While he could have just sat and watched the California governor flounder on the floor, his decision to engage Newsom shows his confidence in his record of governance and his ability to win these rhetorical battles. This is a positive sign. Republicans love a fighter and DeSantis is not one to back down.