Roseanne Barr and Congress Explode: Biden’s “Political Blackmail” Claim Takes Nuclear Blast!


Joe Biden plays a dirty game by refusing to release funding for border security until Republicans agree to provide additional funding for Ukraine. He said that Republicans were holding Ukraine’s funding hostage because of their “extreme borders policies” during his remarks at the White House on Wednesday.

Biden called it “political extortion” in a blog post on X.

It’s pure political blackmail. The stakes are far too high for such political brinksmanship.

What a shame! He is the one who’s trying to “politically blackmail” the government to fund the border to get funding for Ukraine. He says that’s his top priority and then he criticizes the Republicans for prioritizing the border. Both Congress and Biden should be focusing on the American border first, before funding foreign countries. Joe Biden believes that securing our border should be a top priority.

The border is in chaos, with record numbers of illegal aliens and a large number of men of military age from countries like China that do not wish us well. They also come from Africa and the Middle East.

Biden does not seem to be concerned about the harm he has caused or is doing to the nation with his terrible policies. He does not seem to be concerned about his image as he campaigns for office, even though this is a very important issue for the American public.

Biden received a large number of responses to his post. This included members of Congress as well as actress Roseanne Barr.

Roseanne’s response was perhaps the best.