San Diego Gay Man Allegedly Set on Fire, Police Investigate Connection to Pregnant Woman’s Assault


Scott Rowin, an openly gay man from San Diego, claims he is the victim of a hate crime that set him on fire. The police investigation of the incident revealed that the alleged hate-fueled gay bashing in the media was not the case. Evidence shows that Rowin suffered second-degree burns after a woman who was pregnant set him on fire. Rowin then fled the scene.

Rowin’s apparent hoax describes a walk Rowin took in Hillcrest’s gay district in San Diego, where he inquired about employment at The Loft on Fifth Avenue. Jussie Rowin heard two men yelling homophobic slurs as he left around 8 pm to call an Uber.

Rowin reported he had been verbally accosted, saying:

I started hearing “f*got” this and “f*got” that. This word was used a lot.

Rowin claimed that he had a verbal conversation with the other party:

I shouted back, “Hey, that is f***ed up!”

Rowin claims that footsteps followed him and he was sprayed with liquid and then set on fire, saying:

After that, I sprang up like coals in a barbecue. It began with a bang.

Rowin dropped and rolled to put out the fires. He reported that the injuries were very painful, saying:

Most of my burns are located on the side, hip, and back. It is very painful.

He admitted that his memory of the terrifying event was “hazy,” and this may be the closest to the truth he reported. His forgetfulness led to a completely fabricated story, which left out the part where he allegedly beat up a woman who was pregnant and treated at a hospital.

San Diego police said:

Investigators found that this was the man who had beaten the pregnant woman in the previous incident on 900 6th Avenue. Investigators determined that the burn injuries were caused by the pregnant female.

San Diego Police claim that detectives have located surveillance footage that shows Rowin as the main aggressor.

The man assaulted the woman, and then the woman used fire to attack the man.

The police are still investigating this case, stating:

Detectives are investigating all allegations and aspects of this complex investigation. San Diego Police Department treats all violent crimes with the utmost seriousness. We are aware of the public’s interest and are trying to find a balance between transparency and protecting active criminal investigations.

Rowin, along with leftist progressives, used the fabricated hate crime as a false flag to incite feelings of victimization and scapegoating. Rowin stated:

No one carries flammable liquid around without a purpose. They were, in my opinion obliviously targeting the LGBT community.

Rowin posted a picture of his burns on Facebook.

This is a clear hate crime. The insults were filled with hate. It can happen again in 2023. There are still many haters. I don’t wish this on anyone else. This time, it was fire. Next time, it could be worst.

Rowin lost personal belongings while he was beating up the pregnant woman. These included a black hat and an AT&T mobile hotspot.