Clapper Stands Firm in Controversial Comments on Russia and the Laptop


James Clapper, former director of intelligence, certainly has a lot of nerve.

Clapper appeared with Kaitlan Collins on CNN. Collins asked Clapper about the letter that was signed by 51 former intelligence officials, including himself. If he felt any shame, he’d apologize for what was done with the letter. It interfered with the 2020 elections. Joe Biden was able to claim falsely that the laptop contained Russian disinformation. Former CIA Director Mike Morrell said that the intelligence letter was intended to help Joe Biden in his debate with Donald Trump and during the election. It would give him a talking point.

Clapper showed no sign of regret.

To answer your question: No, I do not regret it. At the time, I felt it was important to warn people about the Russians’ dark intentions. This was in my case after what I had seen the Russians doing to influence and interfere with our 2016 election. It seemed appropriate to me. The letter I received was appropriately caveated, stating that we did not have direct evidence. I have yet to see any official results from the forensic analysis on that laptop as to whether the Russians may have tampered with it in some way.

They all signed the letter despite the fact that they had no proof to support the Russians’ claim. Their credibility is ruined. He doesn’t even acknowledge what Morrell had said about the letter.

Clapper went on to say, “I have yet to see any official results from a forensic analysis that has been done of the laptop as far as whether or not in some way Russians may have tampered with it.” Take a moment and think about what he is saying. Even without evidence, he still suggests it could be Russian propaganda.

There’s plenty of evidence to prove it wrong. Clapper ignores all the facts, including the fact that the laptop was real, had evidence of Biden’s questionable behavior on it, and that Hunter’s attorney acknowledged the information.

This “we did not say it was misinformation because we added a caveat”, is a pretty weak defense. Why even suggest it when you didn’t have any evidence to back it up before the election?

Collins did not give him much pushback. It’s not surprising that CNN hired Clapper as a “national security expert” despite his “clearly incorrect” testimony before Congress about the collection of data on Americans. It didn’t deter them from hiring Clapper. They hired former FBI officials like Andrew McCabe. Kevin McCarthy, the House Speaker, called them out on it. McCarthy asked a CNN journalist, “Are You Prepared to Defend Your Network” for hiring These Guys? CNN doesn’t seem to care about any of this.