Sarah Ferguson Comes to Prince Andrew’s Defense Prior to King Charles III’s Coronation


Sarah Ferguson stands by Prince Andrew, despite their divorce.

“Prince Andrew’s a great guy.” Ferguson, who was on ITV Good Morning Britain said, “He is a kind, good man. I believe that the spotlight shouldn’t be on him… let him continue to rebuild his life. ”

Ferguson made her remarks after Prince Andrew came under fire in the United States for sexually abusing minors. The case was settled out of court last year for a sum that has not been revealed.

The duchess confirmed that she would not be attending King Charles III’s coronation.

Ferguson (also known as “Fergie”) has plans to join the royal family after the crowning ceremony. People report that the Duchess of Cambridge was seated in the VIP section during the Coronation Concert at Windsor Castle.

American Idol’s Katy Perry and Lionel Richie will headline the celebration.

Fergie chose to stay behind when she was not invited to the coronation of Charles.

“It’s an official event, and I am not going.” “Since we are divorced, I do not believe that you can have it all. ”

“I am divorced and I’m really loving being divorced from my ex-husband, not from him but to him, it’s important to differentiate.”

“That’s a lovely feeling to be part of, it really is… as I said you can’t have it both ways. You mustn’t sit on the fence. You’re either in or out, don’t muck around.”

Prince Harry confirmed that he will be attending. Meghan Markle will be at home with her family.

On May 6th, King Charles III will be crowned at Westminster Abbey.

Andrew Ferguson and his wife had been married for 10 years. They split up after having their daughters Beatrice, and Eugenie, in 1996. However, they maintained a good friendship.

Ferguson said Andrew, who is 63, was a very, very good grandparent to his grandchildren.

Fergie stated that Queen Consort Camilla, King Charles III, and the rest of the family are “exceptionally united” by their presence.

Princess Diana and Ferguson had a close relationship before her passing.

When asked what she thought the late Princess Diana would say about Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship, Fergie responded, “She was all about being true to her heart.”

“And her heart would say, ‘My boys have done really well, they look so happy in their own family units and they have beautiful children.’”

“… That is what she’d look at. She’d look at attitude and I don’t know, she’s not here to speak for herself, but from me, if I’m here talking to you, I would say that we should have much more kindness in life,” Fergie continued to tell the media outlet.

“All of us need to stop being so cruel and trolling. Lead by example, smile, and be kind to people.”