Bud Light Joked In Old Advertisements, Featuring Cross-Dressing Men


Bud Light is facing backlash from the public after its unwise decision to hire transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney as a spokesperson for the beverage. But, years ago, Bud Light had advertisements that mocked cross-dressing males.

In an ad for Bud Light, men cross-dressed as women to compete in a pool competition with women. The prize for the winner was Bud Light beer.

In another advertisement, men dress as women in order to get a discount on Bud Lights during ladies’ night.

In another advertisement, Don Rickles, the famous comedian, offers to buy someone a Bud Light. However, that person turns around and reveals himself as a man cross-dressing with a mustache.

Anheuser-Busch’s CEO Brendan Whitworth released a statement in response to the public outcry over Dylan Mulvaney last week. Whitworth said that his company “never wanted to be a part of a conversation that divides people.” Bud Light’s tweet from last week was heavily retweeted as people attacked the company for being woke.

Nike’s joined the absurdity by having biological male Mulvaney advertise sports bras and leggings.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a measure on Thursday that would help protect female sports from biological men who identify as women, but zero House Democrats voted in favor of passage. The measure would need to clear the Senate in order to reach President Joe Biden, and the president intends to veto it if it arrives at his desk.