SC Democrats Call for US Senate Candidate to Drop Out After Video Comments Get Leaked


Krystle Matthews, the South Carolina Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, is under pressure from her party to resign after controversial remarks were leaked.

South Carolina state representative, Matthews, who is running against incumbent Republican Senator Tim Scott, was recorded on tape making disparaging remarks about her constituents (specifically White constituents) in a series of secretly recorded comments by activist group Project Veritas.

Matthews stated that you should know who you are dealing with during the taped conversation. Matthews stated that you must treat them as if they were —. This is the only way they will respect you.

Matthews also boasts in the leaked comments that she keeps citizens “under her thumbs” and does not tolerate “White s —.”

Matthews confirmed that she was the voice on the tape to The Associated Press, but claimed the edited audio of a tongue-in-cheek exchange didn’t accurately reflect the whole picture. She called Project Veritas a “satirical MAGA powered news outlet.”

Thursday was a peaceful day for Democrats, including Joe Cunningham, the gubernatorial candidate. Justin Bamberg, a state representative, concurred with Joe Cunningham, who called Matthews “toxic” in an online op-ed.

Bamberg said, “If any of the white counterparts had said that with regard to blacks, then the minority community, which includes me, would be up and calling for the member’s immediate resignation.”

Secretly recorded audio also includes Matthews’ conversation with an inmate about her campaign funding with “dope boys money” and having Democrats run for office as Republicans. Matthews stated that secret sleepers are “the only way to change the dynamics of South Carolina.”

Brad Hutto (Democrats’ leader in this chamber), echoed Cunningham’s comments about Matthews’ Senate bid. He told AP that “When candidates of any party start making irresponsible remarks, regardless of their party affiliation, they should re-evaluate the candidacy. And that’s exactly what needs to happen here.”

Scott won by almost 25 points in the 2016 election for a full term.

In 2020, President Donald Trump won the state by 12 points. Graham won re-election by 10 points despite the record-breaking fundraising by Jaime Harrison, the Democratic National Committee chair.