In This High School, Kids Learn That Republicans and Christians Are Fascists


Gavin Newsom’s California gives the children an advantage over the rest because it has the hippest and coolest teachers. Danielle “Flint” Serio, a teacher at San Juan Hills High School, San Juan Capistrano (Calif.), has a whole “queer library.” Madison High School in San Diego has a teacher who defines “fascist” using words such as “Trump,” white,” Christian, and “Christian.” This is not just broad-brush slander. It’s also historical illiteracy. Our schools are producing a generation of indoctrinated idiots. This seems to be the end goal.

If it weren’t for a student who took the chance to take photos and speak to Christopher Tremoglie, Washington Examiner, the Madison High teacher would not have been noticed for his heroic efforts to make American schoolchildren socialist lemmings. The teacher and the student were both kept anonymous out of fear of being retaliated by the teacher or Leftist school officials.

However, the teacher’s explanation of fascism is so false that it’s almost dizzying. For example, he included “Christian” in his explanation of fascism. The student whistleblower stated that he just made up that Christians are fascists and supports a fascist government. He didn’t even bother to ask the class. He assumed that Christians and whites automatically support fascist governments.

Fascism was first seen in Italy, a Christian nation. It reached its peak in Germany, another Christian country. However, it was defeated by Britain and the United States. Fascism is inherently heterosexual. Is this not the realization of every human society since the dawning of recorded history that has been heterosexual?

It is unlikely that Madison High School teacher knows what “fascism’ actually means. He is probably using the term because it is the Left’s universal catchall term for hated ideas and groups. However, the Latin fasces is what actually gave rise to the word. It means “a bundle of sticks”. It is believed that all the sticks are connected and there is strength in unity. This was the perfect name for a movement advocating a central government with all power that would not overtake the means of production as the Communists advocated. Instead, it would allow them to remain in their private hands and force them to cooperate with the government’s demands.

Do you find this familiar? You should. The Democrat oligarchy’s alliance with Big Tech woke corporations and the corporate media is the most fascist political movement in America. As all these corporations march together with the same ideology, and the same goals, there is the idea that strength can be found in unity. Madison High School won’t be able to speak of fascism.

It gets worse for the stupid. Student whistleblower tells how the teacher wrote “fascist” on the board, and it really struck me. The teacher immediately made a comparison between the Republican Party and the Nazi Party. That was very offensive to me. He compared the Republican Party to the Nazi Party. That’s ridiculous and I took offense. So I took a photo of it.” This teacher probably doesn’t have the slightest idea that “Nazi” was a German abbreviation for “National Socialist,” which was Hitler’s actual party name. Although the platform of the National Socialist party called for the nationalization and preservation of German industry, Hitler ended up going the fascist route. He forced them to follow his orders while maintaining nominally private companies. It also demanded a huge expansion of the welfare program. This is again closer to the Democrat program than the Republican.

This wasn’t a class in politics or social studies, the student said. This is an English class. This is not a political class. I signed up for the class to learn how to write papers and other stuff. I did not sign up for the class to have my teacher push his ideas down my throat.

Yes, it is, however, a public school located in California, in 2022. Parents and students shouldn’t expect anything less than the far-Left ideology shoved down them all day.