Scott Jennings Takes Down Rolling Stone Journalist in Twitter Feud Over RFK Jr.


The display of Democrats on the House Select Subcommittee on the weaponization of the Federal Government during a hearing featuring testimony by Kennedy on Thursday was pathetic in all its shades.

The irony was that they attempted to censor Kennedy, even though the purpose of the hearings was to expose…the federal government’s use of its vast powers in order to censor oppositional views. It’s impossible to make this up.

Kennedy’s arguments with Democrats in the subcommittee centered around accusations that he was anti-Semitic, an accusation he strongly denies.

Although opinions differ on whether Kennedy is guilty or not of one of the most vile things a politician can be accused of doing, things got tense during a segment on CNN on Thursday when the subject of Kennedy’s anti-Semitism was brought up.

Michaelson, a gay leftist, who has written a book that debunks the myth that the Bible prohibits homosexuality, was extremely faux fended that Kennedy had been given such a large platform to speak, considering his alleged antisemitism. He insinuated he’d seen nothing like it before:

MICHAELSON: I admire the chutzpah of his, to use an old Jewish expression. His nerve to say such outrageous things, and contradict his own testimony in such a bold manner, is what Congresswoman Debra Waterman Schultz has just shown. It’s absurd that, in my opinion, there may be a double standard that someone who spews antisemitism and is useful to the party in power gets a platform. When someone says something that may or may be antisemitic (thinking, for example, of the congresswoman last week), they are censured.

This is shocking, in my opinion. I cannot think of anyone who has expressed such antisemitic views getting this kind of platform. As a rabbi, I can offer some advice. Here’s rabbinic counsel: don’t use an analogy to the Holocaust. There are some things that we just can’t compare. It is offensive. It doesn’t matter if it’s about gun control or COVID. I hear it constantly from both the left and right.

As you can see in the video, Jennings had a look of astonishment on his face. This was for a good reason.

JENNINGS: I agree with you that antisemitism is not acceptable in our politics and I dislike it when it is promoted. Did you hear the news about the antisemitism in the House Democratic Conference’s fringe progressive caucus last week?

It is not just a problem for conspiracy theorists. This problem also exists on the American Left. You have seen and heard repeated antisemitism from a few House Democrats. They are exalted, given leadership positions and given platforms.

MICHAELSON: Scott (INAUDIBLE), I’m comparing a statement that was, in my opinion, out of line. It said Israel is a racist state. This is a statement of political opinion. This is not a statement I agree with. It’s a bit extreme. In my column for CNN, I have explained why I believe that is incorrect.

SARA SIDNER, CNN: Let’s be clear. Congresswoman Jayapal stated this. She apologized not long afterward.

MICHAELSON: To be clear, RFK, Jr. also claimed he had apologized and that he had walked back his statement. To compare an extreme political statement to, say, the 2,000-year-old belief that Jews engineered plagues in order to kill non-Jews is a false comparison. These are two completely different things.

JENNINGS: No, you said that you’d never heard antisemitism aired in such a way as this at the U.S. Congress. The Democrat conference promotes it every day.

Boom. Watch:

The point is not “Well, y’all are anti-Semitic Dems and it’s okay that an alleged one testifies at a hearing to back up what Republicans say about government censorship.”

It’s important to note that Kennedy would have been embraced by many of the same leftists who accuse him of antisemitism if he had not questioned the official COVID/COVID vaccination narratives. Democrats have given Reps. Ilhan Tliab and Rashida pass on what I consider to be pretty clear cases of Democrats in power openly and without apology promoting anti-Semitism.

Kennedy, as he’s done before – whether right or wrong – has often taken the opposite view to members of his own party when it comes to a hot topic. He has been vocal about his skepticism regarding the way the government dealt with not only the Wuhan pandemic but also its coronavirus vaccination push. These are two issues which, in the eyes of Democrats, should be above question.

It’s not necessary to be a fan of RFK Jr. (and I am not one) to understand what’s happening. I believe that the Democrat opposition against Kennedy’s speaking at that Thursday panel was not about alleged antisemitism, but rather an attempt to silence a critic for daring (again). Period.