Sean Hannity Embarrasses Himself in Attempted Take-Down of Lauren Boebert


We should be able to trust conservative thought leaders to make reasonable, fair arguments for why they believe what they believe without embracing tactics that would make Joy Reid blush. Unfortunately, Sean Hannity forced my hand with his embarrassing attempt to take down Lauren Boebert on Wednesday evening.

The exchange between Boebert and the Fox News host centered on the congresswoman’s opposition to McCarthy and why she won’t vote for him to become the Speaker of the House. Here’s how that went if you were smart enough to be doing something else during Hannity’s show.

Is it any surprise that the conservative movement is in so much turmoil because Sean Hannity is leading them? Lauren Boebert is accused of asking him a question that resembles a “liberal” since he doesn’t follow Donald Trump’s orders.

What happened to the idea of challenging the “establishment” What happened to the idea of taking on the “establishment”?

Hannity also misleads his viewers by making it seem that she pick on Trump unprovoked during her exchange about Trump-Boebert tension. She was responding to him, but she wasn’t.

Lauren Boebert has done this twice since the infighting started. But, it doesn’t matter in this fight. They should not give her orders.

I shouldn’t be surprised by Hannity’s poor judgment. There are a lot of people with high influence who could offer fresh ideas for the Republican Party.