Sen. John Kennedy Delivers an Epic Grilling of Climate Witness That Exposes the Left’s Delusion


Senator John Kennedy (Republican from Louisiana) is not afraid to say what he thinks. He seems to be taking his responsibility to inform Americans seriously. We saw this in his comments following a briefing on the “objects”, which were brought down over the U.S.A and Canada last weekend.

It is truly beautiful to watch Sen. John Kennedy (R.-LA) interview people in the Senate. He always manages to get to the bottom of the matter, despite the fact that he seems to be able to cut through the bull. He won’t let a witness who is trying to avoid the issue or don’t know what they’re talking about get away with it. During a hearing for Joe Biden’s nominees for judicial office, we saw how he decimated one candidate by asking a simple question about the Constitution. What does Articles II and 5 mean? She didn’t know. It is important for anyone who wants to become a federal judge to understand the fundamental elements of the Constitution.

Kennedy was questioning Robert Litterman on Wednesday as he testified during a hearing that examined “climate-related financial risks and their cost to the Federal Budget, the Global Economy.” You know that Kennedy will have a lot of fun with this topic. Litterman is the founder and Chair of the Climate Related Market Risk Subcommittee at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Kennedy asked an important question that anyone involved in the climate agenda needs to know: What would it cost to become carbon neutral by 2050?

Litterman, however, said that he wasn’t sure.

Kennedy asked, “So you want to advocate that we do these things but you don’t know the ultimate costs?”

Litterman stated, “Yes, absolutely. I don’t know what the ultimate cost is.”

Kennedy then asked Dr. Douglas Holtz Eakin, President of American Action Forum, the same question. He estimated that $50 trillion was the value.

Kennedy asked Holtz-Eakin if he knew because it would depend on China. Holtz-Eakin replied that he didn’t know, and that $50 trillion will lower the world temperature.

Kennedy asked then what would happen if India and China didn’t cooperate in the effort. Litterman stated that he did not know the impact on temperatures.

Kennedy was able to get to the bottom of the matter, and it’s now going viral.

Kennedy wanted to know if Litterman thought that Xi Jinping would do something that was not in China’s best interests, but that it was in the world’s best interests.

This question is at the root of the problem facing the left. Litterman stated that Xi understood that we must work together to solve this global problem. If he is that deluded, then anything he says after that will be invalid.

Kennedy asked, “Do you believe the Tooth Fairy?” Litterman replied, “No sir.”

Kennedy asked, “Do you believe that the Easter Bunny is real?” Litterman answered, “No sir.”

Litterman replied, “Do you believe Jimmy Hoffa died from natural causes?”

If you think that Xi would do anything to harm the interests of the world, that’s the functional equivalent to all the previous statements. These are the people that the Biden team relies on to make important decisions that will have an enormous impact on our economy and us. Litterman is not the only one deluded by this, considering how the Biden team behaves. They are all.