New Democrat Talking Point in Response to the Joe Biden ‘Age Question’ Defies Belief


As President Joe Biden gets closer to the time when he will make a formal announcement regarding his candidacy for reelection, rumours suggest that it will be sometime in March or April. However, his Democratic supporters are making new excuses as to why age shouldn’t matter despite all the evidence.

CNN has just published the latest example. It did an amazingly thorough piece about the “age questions” Biden has faced since he declared his presidential candidacy in 2019 and it was surprisingly comprehensive.

The report states that the Biden team will employ strategies similar to those used in 2020. This includes using young 20- to 30-year-old Democrats to testify to Biden’s claimed vitality and ability to lead, while also promising a “new generation” of leaders.

People familiar with the matter claim that top surrogates would be populated by younger politicians. One said that this was a natural outcome, even though one noted that Biden is a bit older than expected.

Later in the article, however, we hear from a Delaware longtime Biden ally who suggests that Biden is more energetic at 80 than he was in his 40s in the late 1980s.

“The energy is higher than it was when I first met him,” stated Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester. She, a Delaware Democrat, has known and worked closely with Biden for most of her adult life.

However, conservative commentator Jim Geraghty pointed out that this is “not possible” given the time frame she’s likely to be referring to:

Rochester started her career in 1988 as an intern at the office of Tom Carper, Delaware’s only representative in Congress. It is likely that she met Biden in 1988 or shortly thereafter. It is unlikely that Joe Biden, 80, has more energy than he did in his 40s.

Joe Biden’s energy levels can be viewed by simply rolling a roll of tape.

Recently, I predicted that Joe Biden’s mental acuity and age would be insulting to our intelligence. We’re told that he is more active and cheerful than he was in his late 80s, and that he is the White House’s “best communicator”.

This stuff is easy to see. The more that the Biden White House, his various surrogates, try to make it seem like Biden can run circles around them, the more they’ll realize they’re being gaslit on other issues as well.

Given that a majority of Americans are concerned about Biden’s mental ability to lead the country, it is likely that the White House/Biden campaign will continue to obscenely postulate on this topic at the polls. One can only do so much to make someone’s life miserable before they have to stop.