Sen. John Kennedy Unleashes on HHS Sec. Xavier Becerra, Exposing Democrat Abortion Extremism


This is a day ending in “y”, which means that Sen. John Kennedy continued to destroy and expose Democrats in the only way he could.

Kennedy’s reaction to the Biden administration’s “do not retaliate,” response to Iran’s attacks against Israel was what we last left you with. Kennedy said Joe Biden needed to get a spine, even if it meant buying one on Amazon, as this country must stand with Israel, and not try to appease “the Hamas Caucus wing” of the Democratic Party.

Kennedy, who is a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee on Tuesday, heard Biden’s budget request for 2025 for the Department. Health and Human Services.

HHS Sec. Xavier Becerra, who was present to testify, referred to the Biden Administration’s commitment to protect “access to reproductive healthcare, including abortion and contraception” in his opening remarks.

The Biden-Harris Administration took decisive actions to protect access to reproductive health care including contraception and abortion. We also fight tooth and nail against the demise of remaining freedoms and rights available to women in the United States.

The need for access to reproductive health care and contraception is more urgent than ever before. The budget allocates $390 million (a 36 percent increase) to the Title X Family Planning Program to meet the growing need for services.

The Biden administration is now trying to get around the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling of June 2022, which effectively overturned Roe V. Wade. Kennedy was probably ready to strike after Becerra’s first testimony on “reproductive rights” and with this in mind.

Becerra did not have a chance, as you’ll see. Watch Kennedy grill him and ask him repeatedly if he is in favor of abortions up to birth. Becerra was never straightforward and played word games. Kennedy had to remind Becerra a few times that Roe V. Wade had been overturned.

Democrats will use the abortion issue as usual to scare voters in the run-up to the presidential election. Republicans should take note of Kennedy’s questions and prepare to ask Democrats and their media allies the same “extremism-related” questions.

It is not “extreme”, to want to save an unborn child’s life. To be in favor of abortions up to birth is not extreme. This is the Democrat’s “her body her choice” position.