Senator Bob Menendez’s Home Resembled a Hidden Treasure Trove, Filled with Gold, Jewelry, and Cash


The photos that were entered as evidence in the federal bribery case of Senator Bob Menendez, D-NJ, are quite eye-opening. They show gold bars, jewels and nearly half a billion dollars of cash, some of which had been stuffed inside a boot. Yes, really.

New photos from the federal trial of Sen. Bob Menendez reveal that he had over $600,000.00 in cash and gold bars hidden around his New Jersey home. One stack of bills was even stuffed into a Timberland Boot.

The jury at the Menendez case, which started last week in Manhattan federal courts, was shown dozens photos taken by the FBI inside the Garden State Democrat’s Englewood cliffs home during a raid on June 20, 2022.

Pictures presented to the court on Thursday show small and large gold bars, some of which appear older and have nicks and scratches. Others are in plastic packaging.

The images show a large amount of cash stuffed into various bags, and according to a report, even a pile of cash stuffed inside a brown Timberland boot.

Bob Menendez has the same right to due process as any American citizen. He’s receiving his due process in this trial. That is how we view these pictures.

There is too much smoke to not have a fire somewhere.

This is not Senator Menendez’s first time in the criminal justice spinning cycle. He was previously charged in 2015 with bribery and fraud as well as making false statements. After the jury in that trial deadlocked, the judge dismissed the remaining charges against Menendez.

It looks like Bob Menendez, his wife Nadine, and their case went to the next step.

Aristotelis Kougemitros, a special agent from the FBI, testified on Thursday that he led the raid at the house the veteran Democrat shared with his wife Nadine Menendez. Nadine is also accused in the case and will not be on trial until the end of the year.

Kougemitros reported that agents found 13 gold bars valued at $150,000 as well as over $480,000 cash hidden in the Senator’s closets, jackets and designer bags.

Kougemitros said that the amount of money was so large, the agents could not count the $486,461 in bills. He had to request two cash-counting devices from the Manhattan FBI office.

The ghost of Huey long is somewhere chuckling to itself.

There’s no better reason to reduce the size and scope of the federal government. These people would not be selling influence if there was little to no influence available.

Bob Menendez, who is a member of the Democratic Party in New Jersey, has been called out for his actions. Menendez has been called to resign by some of his fellow Democrats. This includes New Jersey’s second senator, Cory Booker. It looks as if Bob Menendez will be out of politics, regardless of the verdict in this case.

It’s a shame that it took things to become so egregiously bad and extreme to make that happen.