Seriously, When Did Cuomo Have Time To Be Governor? New Sexual Assault Allegations


Former N.Y. governor Andrew Cuomo was sued by a trooper over sexual harassment of his former N.Y. governor

The trooper’s claims were first described in a report by the N.Y. State attorney general on Aug. 3, 2021. The trooper’s allegations were first detailed in a report filed by the N.Y. State Attorney General on Aug. 3, 2021.

According to the report Trooper #1 was sent out by Gov. Cuomo was asked to assist him. The senior investigator informed her that Trooper #1 should be transferred to the Protective Service Unit (PSU). Scott was soon eligible, and she was immediately assigned to her protection.

Cuomo claimed that he wanted the trooper aged 20 to be transferred to his personal details. The governor made sure that Trooper #1 was assigned at the PSU.

Trooper #1 was employed by Gov. Cuomo worked at Gov. for three years before Cuomo put him on Cuomo’s March 2019 travel team. Cuomo was Cuomo’s guest before Cuomo made him part of Cuomo’s travel team in March 2019.

Investigating revealed Cuomo made suggestive and inappropriate comments to Trooper 1. He would also give Trooper 1 a tour of his house or invite him up to the roof.

According to the report Cuomo took his flirtatious behavior and turned it into physical contact. Trooper #1 was once in an elevator together with Cuomo. Cuomo ran both his fingers down Trooper 1’s neck and rubbed her waist. Trooper 1 then asked if Cuomo had any other needs. He laughed about how he was not supposed to kiss her cheek, and she eventually agreed.

Trooper 1 opened the door to Governor Scott in September 2019, and then placed his hand on her abdomen, stomach, and hips. Trooper #1 said she felt “completely violated” because it was between her chest and her abdomen.

The trooper filed the lawsuit in federal courts Thursday. The lawsuit names Cuomo, the former governor. Melissa DeRosa was named in the lawsuit.

Rich Azzopardi served as Cuomo’s spokesperson. Rich Azzopardi stated that the claim was based upon an AG fraud report. Five Republican district attorneys and Democratic attorneys reviewed the report and concluded that there were no violations.