Republican Party Going Too Hard On Abortions?


I love it when Republicans remind their party that a complete ban on abortion will kill any chance of them winning the next election. This is one of my favorite parts about any election cycle in which Republicans have a good chance of doing well. 2022 is no exception.

Take note of Absolutely Still a Conservative Bill Kristol.

It’s not a surprise that the GOP has held this position for many years, decades even – almost all of it Kristol was a member of the party and supporting them.

These talks are underway since December when an unnamed GOP consultant said to Axios it could jeopardize the parties’ hopes and dreams for November.

These Republicans are most worried about the Supreme Court. It is expected to rule on the matter in the summer. This is not good news for abortion advocates. Everyone on the left seems to be already scared about what might happen and some Republicans are now worried that it will hurt their income or power. This is the horror.

There are however a few things at play. A possible increase in Democratic turnout for abortion is unlikely to make a significant difference.
Emerson has released a new poll which currently shows the GOP at +9 and President Joe Biden at 42% approval. The Federal Reserve seems poised to increase rates by approximately half a point in the near future, which almost certainly will cause a recession. Biden’s Administration continues to fumble about on almost every issue. A new international crisis is on the horizon.

While partisan Democrats will likely be motivated by Roe’s alteration or eradication by the Supreme Court this summer, it won’t be enough to keep Democrats in power if everything is falling apart around them. It appears that it is.

These consultants and Republicans who are concerned aren’t really paying attention to all the data. They are just focusing on the old, tired concerns from past election cycles. Worries that never materialize.