Sheriff Joe Lombardo Has Unseated Steve Sisolak for Nevada Governor


Decision Desk Headquarters has named Joe Lombardo, Clark County Sheriff, the next Governor of Nevada.

The Secretary of State released results showing Lombardo ahead of Steve Sisolak, the incumbent by 21,216 votes. This gives Trump-backed Lombardo an impressive five-point victory. The vote count has been reported at 96 percent.

After many accusations of corruption during Sisolak’s reign, Joe Lombardo won the Governor’s Seat. This brings hope for reform. Sisolak’s tenure is also marked by failures in his government, including the appointment of a potential murderer to a board of state, an escaped bomb murderer from state jail, and a failed pandemic response. He also received votes of no confidence from employees of the public sector that were under his control.

Lombardo promised Nevadans that he would restore public safety and drive economic opportunity and diversity, while also implementing better education systems, including school choice. Lombardo defeated Sisolak’s bizarre re-election campaign, Super Pac ads targeting law enforcement, and was very well-funded.

Good riddance, Sisolak. The Governor is the new Sheriff!