The Right Is Cheering Latest Twitter Move Concerning Head of ‘Trust and Safety’


We have seen Elon Musk trying to fix the mess left by the previous leaders of the company.

Musk immediately fired some of the inept leadership, and then cut staff to save money. Musk is also trying to bring it back into a workplace environment and not just the spa environment with red wine on tap. People will not be allowed to work remotely and must work forty hours a week, just like the rest of us.

Musk was attentive to the complaints about conservative shadow banning and showed he was going be a hands-on owner. Liberals were talking about fleeing from the site, while evidence proved that the site’s user growth is exploding under Musk. Liberal threats aside, it’s not so. The narrative didn’t seem as clear in the Twitter “trending list”, however.

Twitter may make a big move in the future, which could be a boon for its users.

Elon Musk assumed control of Twitter and seemed to be giving his approval to Yoel Roth who was the head “Trust and Safety” at the site. Before Musk joined, “Trust and Safety” dealt with issues such as harassment and abuse on the site.

Many pointed out that Roth was not the best person to make an objective assessment of the platform given his previous tweets. These tweets indicate that there may be a problem with Roth’s ability to exercise his judgment.

Roth called Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell “a personality-free bag full of farts” in his last tweet.

Roth was also involved with the Hunter Biden laptop story as he was the Head of Twitter’s Site Integrity Team.

Yoel Roth (head of Twitter’s Site Integrity Team) cited information from U.S intelligence officials to support Twitter’s decision not to allow access to a series New York Post articles published October that detailed emails found on Biden’s laptop. [….]

The commission cited Roth’s testimony in which U.S. officials warned him that individuals who are close to political campaigns could be targeted in “hack and leak” operations near the election. Roth stated that he had met with government officials numerous times throughout 2020 to discuss election security. Roth said that he heard rumors about Hunter Biden being hacked and leaked during one of his meetings.

Multiple reports indicated that Roth and Robin Wheeler, the head of sales, had left the company on Thursday.

Given his tendencies, I don’t know why he stayed so long. Roth may have just wanted to keep the job which was paying well. Others also had their own thoughts.

Was it possible that someone finally realized there might be a problem? His leaving another positive sign was a welcome one for those on the right.

People on the left and within the media bemoaned that this would affect “safety” when the “platform controls all of the news pipeline.”

That’s the problem. It does “control” news. But it hasn’t been safe for real news that goes against the liberal narrative. It’s a new day and people are celebrating it.