Shit Hits the Fan When Karine Jean-Pierre Has Reporter Removed During Briefing


After Karine Jean-Pierre removed a reporter from the White House briefing area, chaos broke out on Monday. After a lengthy exchange, Jean-Pierre was finally defended by another reporter.

Simon Ateba was the Chief White House Correspondent for Today News Africa and began shouting at the press secretary after she refused to answer his questions. Before being dragged away, he also accused her of mocking the First Amendment.

Jean-Pierre spends a portion of the clip laughing and treating the reporter as if he were a child. He doesn’t like it and lights into Jean-Pierre for picking on certain reporters while refusing to answer basic questions.

Brian Karem, a professional Democrat simp, jumped in and started berating Ateba about demanding transparency from the White House. Evidently, the job of the press is not to hold power accountable, but to accept whatever Jean-Pierre throws at it. Who knew?

The entire scene was embarrassing. The White Press Corps should have stood up for freedom and tried to make the White House be fair. It is now run by far-left hackers and, while it was a defender of truth under Trump, it’s just another Democrat mouthpiece.

Even worse, Jean-Pierre was interrupted by another reporter who spent his time asking questions and apologizing for the events. Imagine being so naive about state power that you would watch a press secretary throw a reporter out of the room, then apologize to her on behalf of the entire press corps and not your colleague who was being abused.

This is a stark contrast to the outrage displayed by the media corps, Fox News included, when Jim Acosta, CNN’s anchor, had his credentials temporarily removed after he had a physical with one staff member.

However, things got worse. Jean-Pierre lectured the media corps about the unacceptable nature of the incident. Jean-Pierre then lectured the press corps about how unacceptable the blow-up was. She is the one who refuses to answer questions. A reporter was removed. But it wasn’t everyone’s fault.

This is the sad reality of American media. Instead of pressing the Biden administration for relevant information, they spend most of their time defending the lack thereof. Ateba was Ateba rude? Yes, I understand his frustration with the process and the favoritism displayed in the briefing room. He did get his point across and it was a poor look for a White House with serious credibility problems.