Should We Really Believe That Under 12 Americans Are Still In Afghanistan?


His State Department has reported that less than a dozen Americans still want to escape the country 110 days after President Joe Biden’s chaos in Afghanistan’s surrender.

Do we really believe this?

After the disastrous retreat which earned opprobrium both sides on the political side, Team Biden claimed that it had left behind roughly 100 U.S. citizens, but now claims it has “directly helped” 479 Americans, and more than 400 green card holders, to come to America since August’s military withdrawal. Hundreds more were able to leave the country without State Department assistance.

Private groups are rushing to fill the gap left by the government.

“No one left behind” has been tracking more than 10,000 Afghans who applied for Special Immigrant Visas, which were created by Congress.

The Task Force Argo is another group that works to help people escape. They are led by an ex-Army Ranger and have more than 4,000 people (including family members) still seeking to escape. They are more likely to want to escape, but Argo does not have the resources to take on any more applications.

Team Antony Blinken claims it has relocated more than 2,000 Afghan allies that worked with U.S. forces. They are at serious risk of Taliban retaliation if they remain. According to the Wall Street Journal last week, tens of thousands remain stuck.

Washington reports that 75,000 Afghans have reached America by August’s end, with an additional 3,000 being processed abroad. By the end of next year, there is enough funding to relocate almost 100,000 people.

It doesn’t matter what the numbers are, it’s part of an unnecessary chapter in anti-war movement history. And it’s still being written. The national media also failed to hold a Democrat president responsible for his feckless, immoral actions.