It’s December, & Antifa Members Are Finally Being Charged!


After more than a year of watching violent thugs walk away from justice, it is now that December 2021 is turning out to be a nightmare in the eyes of Democrats’ commie street urchins. The Nancy-Bois of Antifa, a man-bunned Nancy, is actually beginning to see inside prisons.

Jacob Michael Gaines traveled from Texas and Oregon to play tough with federal law enforcement. He attacked a U.S. Marshal with a hammer. He attacked a U.S. Marshal with a hammer and struck the officer three more times in July 2020. He pleaded guilty to assaulting a federal official with a deadly instrument.

He was sentenced to 46 months imprisonment by the judge.

Jacob Chansley, also known as “Q Anon Shaman”, spent 41 months in prison and never touched a soul.

A 12-pack Corona is a must for any party. Justin Christopher Moore, an Antifa yobbo, was arrested last week after he brought half a case of Molotov cocktails to burn down a Seattle police station. He is still awaiting sentencing. The federal government takes arson very seriously.

Ty J., a seemingly bipolar man. Fox was arrested for multiple crimes including felony assault against a police officer and throwing an explosive at him. The sad and now angry Fox awaits sentencing.

Dakotah Ray Horton was apparently named after a stripper and was charged with striking the U.S. Marshal using a baseball bat in July 2020. It was sentenced to 24 months in federal prison (again Jacob Chansely received 41 months, and didn’t strike anyone). It’s refreshing to see Horton spend Christmas with his “loved ones”, in the pokie.

Richard Rubalacava was sentenced to a staggering 85-month imprisonment (seven-year term) for lighting fire to a Minneapolis Dollar General. Then he set fire to a restaurant. He was then fined more than $354,000 by the judge. It is unknown if the hair colorist was charged with crimes against decency.

Gabriel Agard-Berryhill, nineteen years old, pleaded guilty to throwing an incendiary gadget at a courthouse. He also caused $1,000 of damage. He will be sentenced to two years probation and time served. If he’s smart, that should keep him from the Antifa Olympics.

Gabe was the center of attention when his Trump-loving mother recognized the vest he was wearing and gave him a dime. It is shocking that he was sentenced to only one year.

Tyvarh Nicholson, who threw firebombs at police officers during the George Floyd riot in Erie (Pa.) earlier this week, was sentenced to 40 months imprisonment. Jacob Chansley was sentenced to one month less for walking around the Capitol peacefully and not trying any burn.

Andrew Augustyniak Duncan was sentenced to a 41-month term (the same length as Chansley) after he threw heavy objects at police officers. He struck a police officer who was concussed. Chansley did not inflict any concussions on anyone. Despite that, it’s great to see Dandy Andy spending Christmas in jail instead of his mommy’s basement.

This wonderful news will not make Christmas a happy one. November’s elections proved that the pinkos are serious about their work. Rittenhouse is unemployed, and the Cuomos are free. God Bless America and Merry Christmas!