Speculation Abounds as Elon Musk Announces He’s Chosen a New Twitter CEO


Elon Musk, Twitter’s CEO, announced his resignation in December 2022 after a poll of users showed that 57.5 percent thought he should. He announced on Thursday that he has chosen a successor to take over the reins in six weeks.

He didn’t name her, but indicated it was a woman using the word “she”. He said he will continue to be an executive chairman and chief technology officer.

He had indicated in December that he was going to hire someone for the role, tweeting, “I’ll resign from CEO as soon I find someone stupid enough to take on the job!”

Musk has brought about a number of significant changes during his tenure at the helm.

Musk has made significant changes to Twitter and the company since he acquired it in October [2022]. The company, in an attempt to drastically cut costs, has reduced its workforce by 75%, which raises concerns about Twitter’s ability to maintain its platform.

Twitter apologized for a long-lasting outage that occurred in February. The company had to fix the problem urgently.

Musk also wanted to revitalize the platform’s subscribing offering in order to supplement its advertising revenues. Twitter’s subscription program allows users to verify their accounts, resulting in the signature blue checkmark. The fee is $8 per month, or $96 annually.

He has also improved and expanded a crowdsourced feature for fact-checking, context-adding and fact-checking called “Birdwatch”, now “Community Notes”. This has led to some tasty takedowns of politicians who have been fact-checked on their misinformation.

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Who could the new CEO possibly be? Funny tweeters speculated on who would get the corner office, a large one.

Musk has an interesting way of staying in the headlines these days. On Tuesday, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson released a video that announced that his new show will be broadcast on Twitter. Musk tweeted that although the show will likely bring in millions of viewers, he had not signed a contract with Carlson.

This platform allows people to critique, discuss and debate what is being said, as opposed to broadcasting, which only has one way of communication.

Any misleading information will be removed by @CommunityNotes.

I want to make it clear that we did not sign any deal. Tucker is held to the same standards and rewards as all other content creators.

He welcomed voices on the other side, writing, “I hope many others, especially from the left choose to create content on this platform.”

It will be fascinating to find out who the mystery new CEO is. Let the speculations begin!