Split Vote to Condemn ‘Horrors of Socialism’ Show Democrats Have a Socialism Problem


Recent House votes to condemn “Horrors of Socialism”, proved what many already knew about the Democrat Party: it is infested by socialists.

Fox News reports that the vote was used by Republicans as a test to see if proud socialists would declare their independence. Yes, 86 of the 109 Democrats did.

The resolution was proposed by Republicans to remind Americans that socialist policies – they are concerned have begun to creep into American life following two years of Democratic control in Washington – go against the American values. Steve Scalise (Republican Leader of the House), said Thursday that socialism was “one of most destructive ideologies in history.”

The resolution split Democrats as some Democrats openly stated that they were adherents to “democratic socialistism”. However, every Democrat who voted against it was present.

Democrats were able to offer a weak defense of their opposition to the vote. Maxine Waters, a California Democrat, said that the whole vote was a precursor for the end of social security.

They are socialist programs. Waters is right. Waters is correct.

It’s all a red herring. The proposal did not mention the elimination of programs.

The fact is that Democrats believe that a government that is overarching and has control of the production means is the best form. This belief has been repeatedly proven false.

Waters made it abundantly clear that this was the ultimate goal of the Democrat Party many years ago. This is something that Texas Rep. Chip Roy reminded America and Waters recently.

Others Democrats, such as the ones that are part of “The Squad”, AOC, Rashida Omar, Ilhan Omar and Cori Bush, have openly socialist leanings. They have supported various pro-communist groups like Black Lives Matter or Antifa.

The socialist disease infecting the Democrat Party has sadly infected our country. Its effects can be seen all over the country, including in California, where socialist policies are the bread and butter of the state party. It is also seen in universities to an alarming degree.

No matter how you swing it: The Democrat Party may not be completely committed to socialism, but it is so far defining it.