Don Lemon Gets into More Difficulty at CNN After Blow-Up With Co-Host


We’ve been reporting that things have been difficult for CNN. They have the worst ratings in nine years, with their shows all suffering from the worst week since Jan. 16 through Jan. 22. After CNN+ collapsed, Chris Wallace’s show is still being shown. It’s tanking in the latest ratings. This is Wallace’s bad luck.

Don Lemon was demoted to the morning show and has been moved to the toilet.

Here’s more from Lemon’s CNN This Morning show.

A new report claims that tensions are high on the set. Lemon shouted at Kaitlan Collins, co-host of the show, in a disturbing incident that occurred in December and upset the crew and cast.

Two sources who are familiar with the matter claim that Lemon, 56, approached Collins, 30, following Thursday’s Dec 8 broadcast. He then unloaded on Collins in front of staffers and accused her of interrupting him on air.

One source who knew of the skirmish stated that Kaitlan was visibly upset and screamed at Don. Kaitlan ran out of the studio. [….]

A source familiar with the situation said that Kaitlan would like to be with Don at this time. “It’s messy.”

According to reports, Chris Licht, CEO, was shocked to hear about the incident and had Lemon’s producer speak to him about his behavior to “cool down.”

The producers told Lemon “not to speak so much, let other people talk.”

Don Lemon is the one who thinks the universe revolves around him, and that he knows more about it than anyone. He doesn’t like being in the spotlight with his co-hosts and he doesn’t feel happy.

According to Lemon and Licht, “Don has an intractable personality.” He wants the show to be all about him. That is a difficult situation. It’s very difficult.”

All three co-hosts were supposed attend the White House Christmas party the night after the incident with Lemon. However, it didn’t work out and they went separately. Lemon then had dinner with Jay Sures, his agent. Sures is Collins’ agent. According to some reports, Collins’ relationship now with Sures is in decline and Sures, who represents many CNN clients met with Licht on Thursday.

How does that all add up? If things go on as they are, it seems like neither Lemon nor Lemon will be around for long, given the tantrums and bad ratings.

John Nicosia, Newscycle’s founder, seems to agree with this assessment. He appears to have some inside information about what is happening at CNN.