Stefanik Holds Chris Wray’s Feet to the Fire on Hunter Laptop, Mar-a-Lago Raid


Christopher Wray (FBI Director) testified before Congress regarding national security threats.

Elise Stefanik (D-NY), put him in notice that he had not responded to 50 requests by House Judiciary Committee for information about FBI operations.

Stefanik granted him the right to possess it. She stressed that he had to answer to Congress, and by extension to the American people. He said that he was only required to answer to Congress and, by extension, the American people. He was asked to promise to provide one witness for the next hearing on March 28.

Wray is a coy and defiant man. He isn’t as committed to her as he should. He says that he will “work alongside you” to make people available. She presses him once more. Stefanik will not allow him to evade the question.

Stefanik said, “That’s not a yes,” and then added, “For Americans, you have the FBI Director refusing to give a witness.” ”

Wray stated, “I’m not refusing to give witness,” after repeatedly refusing. He said that he had promised to work with him to make someone.

Stefanik asked again, “Great, so someone will make available?” ”

Wray finally said, “Yes”,

Stefanik said, “Thanks. That was all I needed. ” “A ‘yes. ‘”

Wray was shocked to learn how ignorant he really is when he asked Wray about Hunter Biden’s laptop and the FBI’s attempt at portraying it as Russian disinformation.

Wray was not asked by her whether he believed the laptop story to be false information. He replied that Hunter Biden was under investigation. He is able to comment on whether he believes that the laptop story was disinformation. I also reported on Mark Zuckerberg’s revelation in 2022 that the FBI was involved with the suppression.

Stefanik followed him and asked if it was disinformation. He then played the game as if there was something more to it than he could reveal. He said, “I don’t think there’s anything I can share on that topic openly.”

He was still trying to get his way, but she wasn’t done.

Wray responded, “I don’t believe FBI personnel were in contact with Twitter specifically regarding the Hunter laptop story.” “I believe that people were in touch via Twitter about Russian disinformation efforts. ”

Stefanik pointed out that the FBI had included the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Wray said, “I don’t know what your looking at,” and again refused to answer.

Stefanik asked: “Were you aware that Hunter Biden was being detained by the FBI depuis December 2019?” ”

Wray claimed that “I can’t speak to exact when we had computer available”, but refused to answer any questions about the contents or the investigation into them. Wray used the excuse of “ongoing inquiries” to conceal his true identity.

Stefanik reminded Wray that there is an ongoing investigation. ”

It was a great response. Great response.

Stefanik made it clear that his “stonewalling”, as he used to refer to it, was unacceptable and that the American people deserved explanations.

Stefanik pursued him to ask a big question — about the raid on former President Donald Trump.

Wray! Wray was so furious she called it a raid. They want all reality to be ignored and politics to be irrelevant in how they handle cases.

He wouldn’t say whether Attorney General Garland was involved or whether he had signed off on the raid.

Stefanik asked, “Was their opposition at the top levels FBI regarding the execution of the search warrant?” ”

Wray declined to answer, saying that “I can’t speak to internal conversations between the FBI or FBI and Department of Justice”.

Stefanik asked, “Even though this was reported in The Washington Post?” Stefanik pointed out mainstream media coverage of FBI activities.

Wray said, “There are many items reported in media,” again avoiding asking the question.

Stefanik made a joke about Wray’s ability to run the FBI.

He needs to do more of this. It is unacceptable that they fail to comply. We will let them know that we are investigating and that more will be done if necessary.

They believe we serve them, and not that I work for them. Wray acts like he’s being pressed by Congressmen.