Subway Brawl Turns Deadly as Man Shot in Head with His Own Gun


A dramatic video captured the violent fight that broke out in a New York City Subway on Thursday. The agitator was shot in the face as the terrified onlookers ran for cover.

A stranger on a northbound train captured the wild video of two men punching each other as the train approached the Hoyt-Schermerhorn station in Downtown Brooklyn around 4:45 pm. The initial argument between these two men is not known. This incident occurred just a few days after Governor. Kathy Hochul sent the National Guard into the transit system to look for weapons.

Eyewitnesses reported that the two men were arguing for a few minutes before one man, a 36-year-old wearing all black and a baseball hat, started berating the 32-year-old, saying “I’ll hit you” and “You’re going to beat up cops?”

Off-camera, one woman can be heard saying “He thinks that you are an immigrant.” This is referring to a January Times Square attack where two police officers were attacked by a mob.

The 32-year old, wearing a yellow T shirt and a navy jacket, seems to be fed up of the haranguing. He gets out of his seat and fights with the 36-year old, as passengers rush to the opposite side of the vehicle, begging the two to stop. “Come on! There are babies here!” One woman shouts.

The video shows the man with the bigger size getting the upper hand and pounding on the man curled up in a chair. A woman then appears to stabbing the 36-year old in the back as she tries to get involved. His lower back is covered in blood.

You stabbed at me! Would you stab an officer? The 36-year old shouts as he holds the other man down.

The woman, 36, becomes even more enraged when another man attempts to be a peacemaker.

He says, “I’ll hit you where you’re getting off. I’m bleeding.”

The 36-year old then rifles his jacket, before pulling out what appears to be a gun.

As the doors open, panicked passengers rush out of the train to find cover. Three more shots are then heard.

At a briefing, NYPD Chief of Transit Michael Kemper stated that the 32 year-old wrestled away the gun from the 36 year-old.

Kemper stated that “the 32-year old fired multiple shots at the 36-year old.”

Kemper stated that there were several police officers present in the station at the time the train stopped. They “heard the gunshots and were on scene within seconds.”

Kemper stated that the 36-year old also displayed a blade or knife during the fight.

The 36-year old underwent surgery Thursday evening, and is still in critical condition. Meanwhile, the 32-year old was arrested.

The police have not released their names.

Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office announced on Friday it would not prosecute the 32-year old who fired the weapon.

A spokesperson stated that the shooting in a subway car yesterday was “shocking and deeply upsetting.” “The investigation continues, but at this point, the evidence of self defense prevents us from bringing criminal charges against that shooter.”

Police revealed at a press conference on Friday that the 36 year-old man had not paid for his subway fare, and walked past an emergency gate to board the train.

Officials stated that he likely suffered from mental issues, as he implied he was a policeman during the incident.

On Friday, Eric Adams had commented on the video. He blamed the mental health crisis in the city.

According to the New York Post, Adams stated on NY1 that “when I looked at this video and broke it down frame by frame and piece by piece, it was clear what our pursuit involves around those with severe mental illnesses.”

As the investigation continues, we will see the connection between the events that occurred there and many random acts of violent that unnerve New Yorkers.