LeBron James Set to Shake Up NBA with Lakers Contract Decision


The Los Angeles Times reported that LeBron James, four-time NBA champion, is likely to opt out of his contract in the final year.

A Los Angeles Lakers forward who opts out would become a free agent. Most NBA circles believe that James will not leave the Lakers.

Brian Windhorst, an ESPN analyst, said in May that if James decides to opt out of the contract, it will likely be a matter of the contract structure. James could add a clause that prevents him from trading his contract.

NBA rules prohibit the addition of no-trade clauses to existing contracts through extensions. Only 10 players have ever been able to work a clause of no-trade into their contracts.

James will likely sign a deal worth $162 million over three years. If he chooses to opt out of his player option, he would lose around $2.3million in total. He might think that the sacrifice of money is worth it if he gets a no-trade provision.

The NBA’s rule for players over 38 years old limits James to signing a contract of three years. According to reports, the Lakers are willing to give James “any type of contract structure” in a new agreement.

The Philadelphia 76ers have been mentioned as a team to which James could turn if he truly wants to explore all his options in the offseason. The Sixers have the salary cap room to add James.

James would be paired with the star Philly big man Joel Embiid, and Tyrese Maxiey, who was the most improved player in this season.

ESPN reported on Thursday that JJ Redick and the Lakers had agreed to a four-year deal to make him their next head coach. James launched the podcast “Mind the Game”, which is hosted by Redick.