Super-Pimp Joe Biden Keeps America’s Sex Traffickers Well-staffed


The recent New York arrest shows Joe Biden’s unwavering commitment to ensuring America’s pimps and sex traffickers are well-staffed. This is how it works.

Biden’s trafficking channel first attracts human beings when they offer their children or themselves to the cartels. They then transport them to the U.S. Border, where they are often subject to sexual harassment and abuse. You will need to have the money to cross the border.

Illegal aliens who are used to abuse are especially vulnerable.

On Tuesday, the FBI was able to end its relentless persecution against Biden’s chief political rival to announce the arrest of Ysenni Gomez. She was charged with sex trafficking by force and interstate commerce crimes in relation to one victim, a Venezuelan woman.

Gomez was charged with convincing a Venezuelan woman that she was applying for a job as a waitress at a Manhattan restaurant.

After a fake interview, the woman arrived at the restaurant. Gomez instructed her to get into a car.

The accused sex merchant then told the woman she would be working as a prostitute, not as a waitress. If she didn’t comply, he threatened to call immigration authorities.

The complaint states that the victim initially refused to have sex with Gomez but changed his mind after a meeting at Grand Central Station with Gomez a few days later.

According to the complaint, the victim was forced into prostitution over the next three weeks. She was able to meet up to three men per evening, three times per week, and this pattern continued for three months.

The victim was allowed to meet regular and VIP clients who paid up to $200 each.

Authorities believe Gomez and her crew are responsible for hundreds of victims. They have asked for additional Biden victims who were victims of sex trafficking. They also pledged that they wouldn’t be deported.

This sad trend continues coast to coast. Crime Voice reports:

The Special Crimes Unit and the local office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation received information that suggested that at least four “massage shops and skin care businesses” had employed “underprivileged” foreign sex workers. They also discovered that the four suspect parlors were owned by the same people who own Oxnard’s Burrito Express. This information was used to “launder proceeds from illicit sex businesses.”

Then, there’s the matter of more than 250,000 unaccompanied children whom the Biden administration used to traffick across the border to all US points. Stephen Miller was interviewed by The Washington Examiner.

Responding to the Washington Examiner’s report that 257.110 children from migrants were sent to “sponsors”, Stephen Miller stated that the president’s policies encouraged immigration and allowed for child abuse.

“These staggering figures are beyond historical comparison.” Miller tweeted, “Biden is leading one of the largest child smuggling operations the world has ever witnessed, thanks to the support from 50 Senate Democrats. ”

He explained that Joe Biden’s decision to not resettle unaccompanied minors from Mexico into the United States and to place them with an unvetted adult sponsor made him and his party responsible.

It’s important to not overstate its importance.

Because of the number of desperate and vulnerable minors that Biden has permitted to roam the country, these children are in an extremely dangerous situation. Megan Fox revealed that this child was used twice by both a rapist as well as pro-abortion activists.