Swalwell Tells an Outrageous Story, Then Claims Bloodshed Is Coming


I previously reported on Joe Biden demonizing half of the country and his speech Thursday continuing to attack MAGA voters. A GOP office in Seminole County was vandalized by the words “Eat sh** & Fascists”.

Biden continued his attack on Pennsylvania, falsely alleging that Republicans are calling for violence. He said that senior senators and members of Congress were saying there would be “blood in the street.”

But the only person talking about “blood” was Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) who said, “Bloodshed is coming.”

Swalwell said he received a call from an unknown person claiming that he was coming to his office with an assault rifle and to kill him. “We live in dangerous times and Trump & McCarthy are the architects. ”

Swalwell stated that the man was homosexual. But, I don’t know what that would mean.

Warning Bad Language:

Swalwell may be right, but it isn’t trustworthy. It is a media term that is almost exclusively used by left-wingers. I don’t believe the threat.

What is he to do? There is absolutely no evidence suggesting that President Donald Trump or House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy were involved in the alleged threat.

This would have been a Republican comment that would receive 24/7 coverage. The accusation would be that he made threats to inflict bloodshed.

Democrats must immediately stop this. I repeat this often and I am sure they won’t. Things are only going to get worst. We have seen this from Democrats over and over again. They keep doing it because they’ve never had any consequences for what they’ve done in the past. Will Democrats disavow such inciting? Of course not, it’s built into their approach.