Suspected Gas Explosion Rocks Major City During Rush Hour


On Wednesday, a suspected gas explosion shook South Africa’s biggest city. At least one person was killed and dozens were injured.

The authorities in Johannesburg are investigating an explosion in which a man died. His body was discovered by firefighters under a vehicle.

At least 48 other people were also injured, in addition to the deceased man.

The cause of Wednesday’s explosion in the downtown Johannesburg area remains unknown.

The city authorities have brought in experts to investigate the underground cables and pipes in the area to see if they pose a risk of another gas or explosion.

Panyaza Lesufi is the Premier of Gauteng, which includes Johannesburg.

According to the authorities, an area of five city blocks and six roads was affected. At least 34 cars were damaged. Some of the vehicles were flipped over or piled on top of each other. Other vehicles had fallen into the gaping crevices in the middle of the road. The damage looked like a scene out of an apocalyptic film.

Lesufi reported that the explosion occurred just before 5:45 pm on Wednesday. This was just as people were lining up to take a minibus home. Minibus taxis are one of South Africa’s most popular modes of transportation. The majority of damaged vehicles were minibusses and taxis. Some people were on the bus when it exploded and were thrown into the air according to eyewitnesses.

The unidentified man told eNCA, a television station, that he had been driving in his car and heard “a loud sound.” The next thing I knew, my car was on its side and I was flying through the air.

He was not hurt but shaken.

This blast occurred just a few short weeks after an explosion on the eastern fringes of Johannesburg killed 17 people, including three children aged 1, 5, and 15.

Authorities blamed the explosion on an alleged toxic gas leak related to a gold processing illegal operation.