NYPD to Pay $135 Million to Protesters Injured at George Floyd Protests


As if the kid glove treatment for America’s 2020 frondeurs wasn’t bad enough, the New York Police Dept. was told to shell out $13 million to nearly 1,400 insurrectionists — many of whom were arrested for violence — for being “mistreated” by New York’s Finest.

Eighty-one percent of George Floyd Rioters, including BLM sally bois of Antifa, have never been charged with violent crimes.

According to the lawsuit, 1,380 people “were arrested or subjected to force by NYPD” and they will each receive approximately $10,000 for their role in the riots that took place in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Elena Cohen, lead attorney for the rioters, told Business Insider in a video that: “This is about New Yorkers having the freedom to protest, be out on the street, and have the ability to say what they think about the government without fearing physical injury.”

Cohen forgot to mention that more than 35 NYPD police officers were injured in the riots. Even though she was found not to have mistreated the tender protesters, she didn’t mention them.

During the Saintly George Floyd Riots, looting and damage to New York City businesses cost tens of millions of dollars.

Good news: Anyone who has assaulted a policeman or thrown a firebomb, or been arrested using a firearm is not eligible for this huge payout.

The lawsuit named Dermot Shea, now retired, former New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio Warren Wilhelm Jr. as well as other police officials.

Philly paid George Floyd over $9 million dollars to “protesters”.

New York City’s attorneys claim that police officers and vehicles were subjected to unprecedented violence, chaos, and attacks.

It is not necessary for the NYPD to change its policies regarding riot control. There are no admissions of guilt by the city.

This settlement is likely to exceed $10 million.

The Big Apple lost an additional $12 million due to hundreds of lawsuits brought against it by citizens who claimed police misconduct during the George Floyd Riots, in 2020.

New York City paid approximately $35 million so far to “mostly peaceful George Floyd protesters”.

Leftists cannot laugh because they’re miserable.