Texas Police Nail Interpol’s Most Wanted Murderer: Illegal Immigrant Fugitive in Custody


On May 25th, Texas authorities arrested an internationally wanted killer.

In an official press release, the Splendora Department of Police announced that they had apprehended Leo Acosta Sanchez (21) who was living illegally in the “state and country”.

Sanchez “was known to travel between” Splendora and “her residence at Terrenos”, an area outside Houston where cheap land was advertised for rent.

“Vigilant” officers caught up with Sanchez during a “routine patrol,” when they “identified the wanted individual behind the wheel of a vehicle and promptly called for backup.”

Splendora PD released a statement to the press saying “A traffic stop was conducted after the arrival of an additional unit. The driver, identified as Leo Acosta Sanchez, was arrested immediately. ”

The Department of Homeland Security worked with local police to take Sanchez into custody. She faces charges for crimes that she is alleged to have committed outside of the United States.