Breaking: Military Fighter Jet Plunges Near New Mexico Airport, Emergency Response Underway


Airport officials reported that a military aircraft caught fire and crashed near Albuquerque International Airport on Tuesday.

ABQ Sunport reported that the aircraft crash occurred near the airfield located on the southern side of the airport.

The video of the crash site appeared to show an aircraft that was a fighter jet. However, the type of plane is still unknown.

The pilot was the only occupant onboard and he ejected.

Albuquerque firefighters received reports around 2 pm local time of an aircraft that may have crashed. First responders were on the scene to search for the pilot, and start “fire suppression efforts.”

Fire officials reported that the pilot was conscious when found and taken to hospital with “serious” injuries.

The two other civilians who were assessed on the scene did not require transport to hospital.

Flight operations have been resumed at the airport. Rio Bravo and University have been closed and firefighters are urging the public to avoid that area.

Tim Killer, Mayor of Albuquerque, said: “I am grateful for the quick response by the first responders.” “Praying for the pilot.”