The Canadian Protests Are Growing


Canadian police have had some success clearing large rigs from Ambassador Bridge, one of the most important links between the United States & Canada.

However, they are more likely to be replaced by others if they continue to move off the bridge. The protestors in Ottawa are not likely to leave anytime soon.

Other bridges linking the United States to Canada are also under attack, including Coutts in Alberta which connects with Montana, and Surrey in British Columbia which connects with Washington state. Paralyzing protests have erupted at a critical ferry landing in Nova Scotia.

Canadian authorities continue to threaten to remove protesters, but they have not taken any steps toward that end. Their credibility has plummeted to zero due to their hesitation and protesters still remain.

Police in Ottawa had to deal with an influx of antigovernment and antivaccine-mandate protestors for the third consecutive weekend, despite both local officials declaring a state of emergency. The law enforcement seemed to be struggling to get Freedom Convoy protesters out of the city. They threatened them with jail time, fines, and losing their licenses.

Ottawa police confirmed Saturday that more than 4,000 protestors were present in the city during the day.

What is “illegal behavior”? It is not specified. This is consistent with the propaganda campaign that has been ongoing since the Freedom Convoy arrived in Ottawa. Truckers and other protesters have been portrayed as racist Nazis trying to overthrow Canada’s government. There have been very few Confederate or Nazi flag-wielding knuckleheads. The government is disturbed by the large number of Maple Leaf-wielders.

Canada’s Trudeau and the police are under increasing pressure to curb the protests. Some officials in Canada have recognized the potential dangers of mass arrests and tougher actions. Drew Dilkens (Windsor mayor) warned that arresting people could lead to violence. He stated last week during a news briefing that some protesters believed they were fighting for a cause “worth dying for.”

Canadians are becoming anxious and wondering why police don’t just forcibly take them out of the crowd.

Although police were able to disperse protesters at the Ambassador Bridge’s foot, more people were coming into the area, and it appeared that the operation was stalled.

Some Canadians wondered why the delay continued throughout the afternoon, despite an order from a court Friday to end the blockade and the declaration of an emergency by Ontario authorities.

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister, knows that if he attempts to clear the bridge with force and people are injured or killed, he might not survive a “no faith” vote in parliament. Many members of his Liberal Party would abandon him.

He will wait and see if the situation improves. Trudeau will have more problems than just a few hundred truckers blocking two bridges.