This School District Used Pizza To Teach Eighth Graders About Sex


According to Parents Defensive Education (PDE), 8th-graders in Connecticut was asked to write about their sexual “likes and dislikes” using various pizza toppings. Yeah.

Ready? Ready?

Is it just me or does it almost seem like the left is obsessed with perverse sex? It is especially relevant to children. The question is Why?

This is a topic for another article. However, I see it as a means of an end in the twisted mindsets of the left. I see these people believing that they are desensitizing children when they are young. This opens the door to indoctrinating them into participating in other perverse beliefs and activities of the radical-left.

However, the assignment caused outrage among parents, as reported by patch. This was evident by the packed school board meeting on Tuesday.

Enfield residents and parents packed the Council Chambers at town hall Tuesday night for a Board of Education meeting. They wanted to voice their concerns about the mask mandate in schools and a controversial assignment in eighth-grade sex education class that used pizza as a metaphor.

As is often the case with schools and school boards, the school superintendent claimed that the assignment was “by mistake”. This raises the musical question: Why was it created?

Parents are simply expected to “move forward”? Their children? How long until such an “accident again”? You can rest assured, Superintendant Drezek that you will be sorry for what you did.

Patch claims that Drezek’s absurd explanation was rejected by his parents.

According to WVIT TV, Tracey Jarvis said that the assignment was encouraging children to be sexually active earlier than their time.

The bottom line:

How many of us would feel uncomfortable as adults, if our bosses asked us to share our sexual “likes and dislikes” during a business meeting? Via pizza toppings? Or in any other way? Most of us, I think.

The left keeps getting caught up in this same crap time and again, only to be able to make an apology for the “mistake.” It’s time to let heads roll. Accepting the same excuses over and over again and expecting different results is insane. Yep, insanity. They will not stop. We have to stop them.

Interestingly, God’s pizza? I prefer sausage alone. I am also happy to say that my choice does not have to do with my sexual preferences.