The Family of Bruce Willis Reveals His Serious Health Problems


Bruce Willis is a well-known actor who is a fun-loving and wise-cracking action star. He sometimes explores indie films by Quentin Tarantino or M. Night Shyamalan, as well as other TV shows from his earlier years. He is also a singer and musician.

The video description below mentions that he recorded a Bluesy-Rockin single with the Pointer Sisters. “Respect Yourself”, reached number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100, number 20 on the Hot Black Singles chart, and number 22 on the Adult Contemporary chart (1987).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Willis’ family made the heartbreaking announcement on his Instagram page via daughter Rumer that the actor will be retiring from acting for health reasons.

The statement was addressed to fans and reads: Bruce’s incredible supporters: We wanted to tell you that Bruce has been suffering from some health issues. He was recently diagnosed with Aphasia which has a significant impact on his cognitive abilities. Bruce is now stepping down from his career which has meant so many to him.

We are going through a very difficult time and we appreciate your support, love, compassion, and understanding. We are moving forward as a strong family unit and wanted to invite his fans to join us because we know how much you mean to him.

Bruce says “Live it up”, and we intend to do that together.

CBS News reported on the condition and offered a little silver lining: Johns Hopkins Medicine says that aphasia results from brain damage that affects language comprehension and expression. Johns Hopkins Medicine stated that the disorder leaves a person unable to communicate with others effectively. The severity of the disorder is dependent on the affected brain areas. It is possible for patients with Aphasia to recover fully. Speech therapy can help with some language functions. However, most people will still have some degree of Aphasia.

Demi Moore, his ex-wife, was co-signing the family statement along with Willis’ children Rumer, Scout and Tallulah, and Mabel, as well as his current wife Emma. Their ability to keep a positive relationship is a rare quality in Hollywood. This contrasts with what we saw at the Academy Awards ceremony.

Even before the terrible news broke, you can see the amazing friendship between Demi Moore and Bruce in a recent story. Moore celebrated Willis’ birthday on Twitter less than two weeks ago. Willis turned 67 just two weeks ago.

Although no one is expecting this, it would be wise to remind the many dysfunctional families in Hollywood that this is how it works.