The Journalist Who Interrupted Live News Says, “Don’t Be Such Zombies”


Marina Ovsyannikova worked as an editor at Russia’s state-run Channel One TV Station. She entered the studio, began to read an anti-war screed, and claimed that Russia was the aggressor.

In 15 seconds, the truth was made known to the Russian people.

The statement she made before her heroic act resonated well with her colleagues at Russia One TV station.

We were silent. We were silent. ”

Her Russian friends were encouraged to join the antiwar protests. She stated that they had “silently observed this antihuman regime at its work.” She encouraged her Russian friends to join antiwar protests and stated that they had “silently watched this antihuman regime at work.”

Ovsyannikova and her three coworkers resigned to show solidarity.

After Marina Ovsyannikova had left the screen, three other resignations were filed.

Zhanna Agalakova was a colleague on Channel One and quit her post as Europe correspondent. NTV also lost two journalists. Lilia Gulsker, a presenter since 2006, and Vadim Gulsker, a journalist with NTV for almost 30 years, both left their positions.

RT pulled all of its programmings from the U.S. Now, RT’s journalists around the world are protesting against Putin’s propaganda.

RT also announced that a number of journalists, including non-Russian ones, had resigned from its language services.

Shadia Edwards, a former London reporter, announced her resignation on the day Russia invaded Ukraine. She didn’t give any reason. Jonny Tickle was a Moscow-based journalist who resigned the same day, “in light of recent events.” ”

Frederic Taddei (French RT presenter) stated that he was leaving because France was in “open war” with Russia. He stated that Forbidden to Forbidden was not something he could continue hosting “out of loyalty” to his country. ”

Ovsyannikova, who was interrogated by Russian authorities for 15 hours, was finally brought before the court. She was convicted of organizing an unlawful demonstration and was fined 30,000 rubles (about $280). It is not clear if Ovsyannikova will face additional charges.

Ovsyannikova said that she didn’t intend to leave Russia and that she hoped that no criminal charges would against her.

Ovsyannikova is a Channel One editor who stated that while I believed in their actions, “I now know the extent of the problems I will need to address and I am extremely concerned about my safety. ”

“I don’t feel like a hero… “I know I want to believe the sacrifice was worth it and that people will recognize it. ”

Ovsyannikova told Reuters that she was not like “zombies” and didn’t listen too much to propagandism. She said, “Don’t be like them; don’t listen to this propagandism. Learn how to analyze information; find other sources of information – not just Russian state television.”

This is great advice that everyone should be following these days.