A Possible End to Daylight Savings Time, and Our Terrible Government


My fellow Americans, I have good news: Despite the fact that the world is burning and gas prices are skyrocketing and the nation in general suffering from a paralyzing depression, the federal government remains laser-focused on what is important.

According to The Hill, Tuesday’s Senate vote approved a proposal to make Daylight Savings Time permanent. If passed by the House and signed into law by President Biden, Americans would no longer have to reset their clocks an hour or lose one hour of daylight in the fall or winter.

It would also result in early risers losing an hour of daylight each morning if it were to be enacted into law.

It is a hot topic because the rest (I live in Arizona), did their government “time slave” thing last weekend. But is this really America’s most pressing issue?

It isn’t.

This is an excellent example of how government doesn’t really help. People are usually in favor of getting rid of the semi-annual Daylight Savings (no second “s”) time discussion.

Once a politician is in the swamp and falls prey to federal brain rot, neither party can be trusted. This evil was sponsored by a Republican.

Senator Marco Rubio (R. Fla.), who was the main sponsor of the proposal, outlined a variety of benefits that Daylight Savings Time would bring to the table — including reduced season affective disorder in late fall and early winter and more daylight for school sports.

He stated that there is strong science to back it and that it has led to an increase in pedestrian accidents, heart attacks, and car accidents.

He said that Daylight Savings Time had many benefits, including reduced crime because there is more light late in the day and a decrease in seasonal depression.

Rubio stated that it would also allow school children more time to enjoy the sunshine after school.

Rubio isn’t even able to correctly say it, which is a sign that he doesn’t have a lot of good ideas. Rubio also reveals the Execrable for Children human shield, which Democrats love to use in order to pass nonsense legislation.

We need to be open to the fact that our children are not outside after school. The early stages of Type 2 diabetes are already underway, and they’re glued to their PlayStations. I don’t believe you need the sun to rise until midnight in June just so that your brats can be outside. It’s not happening.

Bipartisanship in Congress is something I have criticized for a long time. It usually results in legislative dreck such as this. The bill was also sponsored by Sheldon Whitehouse, a Rhode Island Democrat. My area is larger than Rhode Island, so why do they even have a vote ?!?!??

For the sake of our nation in crisis, I implore Republicans to cease trying to get along with Democrats.

We don’t have DST in Grand Canyon State so this would make us permanently move into the Pacific time zone. It’s not that I don’t know how to work from the west coast. I have worked there for almost 25 years. It’s just that I enjoy having an extra hour every few months.

After this experience, I might never be able to have any meaningful contact with my east coast friends or colleagues again.

There are not many chances that Arizona will opt in to the new scheme. It doesn’t make sense to pay extra for daylight hours when it’s 117°F. If they are out there for too long, the kids will spontaneously go into combust.

This is a political statement that shows how unwilling the federal government is to relinquish any power. For years, there has been talking about eliminating DST. However, the feds are reluctant to repeal any existing legislation. A casual look at the American public in spring and summer will quickly dispel any notion that it is healthier this way.

This is just the government saying, “Look at the wonderful thing we did for the hoi polloi.” We are proud of you and we must make this permanent!

Dear Congressmen: You’re terrible people. Stop trying to help and be more honest about what your children are up to.