The Location Tracking Used in 2000 Mules Is Being Employed to Circumvent the Abortion Industry


2000 Mules was a documentary by Dinesh DeSouza that gave insight into possible election hacking. It also introduced many to location and data tracking, and how this could be used for more conservative causes: like being able to track a woman who may be seeking an abortion.

VICE was shocked when Safegraph, a capitalist company, decided to sell its data rather than promote ideologies.

This draft will draw more attention to the interplay of data collection and abortion rights.

Zach Edwards, a cybersecurity researcher, said that after reviewing the data, it was unsafe for abortion clinics to be established. The census trackers can then be purchased by anyone to determine where people are going. How can you find out if there are any clinics that offer this service?

It was the Left and Death purveyors who were doing the doxing last time I checked.

Business Insider reports:

Sixteen Democratic Senators contacted Lina Khan (Federal Commerce Commissioner) to inquire how the personal location data of those seeking abortions in States that may soon make it illegal would be protected.

Senators were led by Tammy Baldwin and Amy Klobuchar. Recently, reports emerged that data brokers were selling and buying location data. This information includes information about family planning and abortion.

Senators referred to VICE’s report that suggested that anti-abortion vigilantes might buy data sets to track who visited Planned Parenthood abortion centers. Vice reported to Safegraph that a data broker had compiled data about 600 Planned Parenthood facilities.

The FTC spokesperson said they received the email but could not confirm any comments.

Both Senators Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisc.) and Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) were strong advocates of tracking humans when it came to COVID. Baldwin used the inequity and disparity excuse to push for more COVID contact tracing in minority communities.

Baldwin emphasized the importance of better data collection in order to determine if people of color have health care access and if they live in poverty.

Surveys show that low vaccination rates are still a problem in many communities of people of color.

Baldwin was happy to continue her efforts to make sure tracking measures are included within the garbage COVID legislation Congress continues to spittle out.

Baldwin stated that she was able this week to pass legislation on health tracking. Baldwin stated that she will continue to push for economic data.

And you know she will.

Klobuchar is obsessed with misinformation being spread by tech companies about COVID vaccinations and pushes for FDA approval for vaccines for children under five years old. Klobuchar doesn’t care about privacy except when it comes to vaccine tracking.

Democrats seem to be okay with using location data for tracing vaccine adhesion and COVID contacts. These data cannot be used to aid a woman in avoiding an abortion.