Washington State Gas Stations Run Out of Gas, Add a Digit to Charge $10 Per Gallon


Soon, we’ll be looking back at the “good old days” when gas was only $8.99 per gallon and you could find it.

Here’s another one for the “you get whatever you vote for” file.

Washington is running out of gas. Drivers pull up at the pumps to see notes that say “Out of gas, Diesel only.”

They are also preparing for $10 gas.

Modern gas pumps will be available at a price of $9.99.99 per gallon. But not anymore. They’ve just added another digit to the number and $10 gas is in the works. Welcome to Biden’s America, or whoever is pulling the strings.

A spokesperson for 76 stations said that the change in the pumps was confirmed by The Post Millennial, but also stated that some stations sell racing fuel, but not on the same pumps.

Do not believe the “Putin price rise” nonsense that the Biden administration is encouraging. The day Biden won the 2020 election, gas prices began to rise. After taking office, he immediately shut down two pipelines and proceeded with the assassination of oil drilling leases. The most recent was this month.

Pasco, Kennewick, and West Richland residents have taken to Facebook in order to inform their neighbors where they can find “go juice” in the area.

Truckers using CB radios in 1970 referred to fuel as “GoJuice”, and “Motion Lotion”.

Long Island gas, which is inexpensive to start with, cost $2.19 during the 2020 election, $2.29 on the day Biden was elected, and now costs $4.89 now.

California is the state that spends the most on gas (duh), with an average price of at least $6 per gallon. According to gas experts, we could all pay that price nationally by August if Americans choose summer vacations.

What if we didn’t? Everything is expensive-hotels, food and so on. Staying at home is cheaper than going out to eat.

Who is most likely to be hurt if Americans choose “staycations” instead? It’s the tourism-dependent businesses that will suffer most. This is just one more nail in the economic coffin that Joe Biden and the Democrats have erected.