The Major Problems of Gerrymandering

Many residents of Arizona expressed their dismay at the possibility that their Republican representative would be replaced by redistricting last week.

This is a common problem in America, and it’s not always a good thing.

We are likely to have the smallest number of congressional races next year. This is not due to gerrymandering.

Each congressional district must have approximately the same number of people. This number currently stands at 750,000. The partisan line drawers “pack & crack” take your opponent’s voters and spread them as far as you can to weaken them. Or they “pack and pack” your opponents’ votes into as few districts as possible.

2019: The Supreme Court ruled that it was not up to the courts to enforce partisan gerrymandering.

Maryland Democrats have eliminated one of two GOP-held congressional districts following the 2010 census. North Carolina Republicans did the same in Tar Heel State.

Maryland was won by President Joe Biden by more than 30 points. However, the Republican governor. Despite Republicans representing only 33% of the state’s voters, Larry Hogan is the most beloved chief executive of the state.

The Supreme Court granted the blessing to the Democrat-controlled statehouse to remove the other Republican congressional district from the Old Line State.

It’s not only Maryland.

Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger was one of 10 Republican Congressmen who voted for Donald Trump’s impeachment after the Jan. 6th riots. This is a conservative Democrats term as “one the good guys” but it doesn’t matter when it comes to progressive power.

The Land of Lincoln’s Democrat legislators removed Kinzinger’s District. Kinzinger, a 43-year-old former star, is now retiring from politics.

The latest maps show that Democrats have 76% of California’s congressional seats and 59% of the statewide vote. This is corrupt California. This discrepancy is not something leftists complain about.

After leftists began throwing tantrums the Biden Department of Justice sued Texas — you guessed right — claiming that Texas’ Republican-drawn maps were an illegal “racial gerrymander.” Texas claimed that it was simply drawing partisan lines like other states.

In North Carolina, the Supreme Court has ordered the state to delay its primary for two more months and to freeze candidate filings, while lower courts determine whether Republican partisan gerrymandering is in violation of the state constitution.

Ten states, including Arizona, California Colorado, Hawaii and Idaho, Montana, New Jersey, and Virginia, have now ceded primary line-drawing authority to allegedly independent commissions. However, the deadlines for Virginia and Washington state commissions were missed and judges intervened.

Gerrymandering protects incumbents. More extreme partisanship feeds into ignoble tribal tendencies. This leaves Congress with less incentive to do its job, and more time to compile cable news clips.

Instead of passing legislation, Congress will defer to the courts, or worse, the president. This allows the executive branch to push its agenda through executive orders and the administrative state. This is not what America’s founders intended.