Joe Biden Troll Gets Death Threats


Jared Schmeck from Oregon, who trolled Joe Biden on the NORAD Santa tracking live stream Christmas Eve, claims that he now has death threats for his innocent act.

Schmeck said that he was being attacked for using his freedom of speech. In the wake of the call, he said he began to get “vague but threatening phone calls”.

He said, “I get that there’s a vulgar meaning to “Let’s Go Brandon”, but I’m not so simple-minded about him.” He seems to be a friendly guy. There is no animosity. It was just an innocent joke to also express my God-given rights to vent my frustrations in a humorous manner…I love him as much as any other brother/sister.”

Schmeck called NORAD during the event to speak with Joe and Jill Biden. They spoke with Schmeck’s children about Christmas wishes. Biden then wished Jared a Merry Holiday.

“I wish you all a happy Christmas.” Schmeck responded, “Merry Christmas, and Let’s Go Brandon.”

“Let’s go, Brandon.” Biden replied, “I agree.”

Schmeck insists that he did not mean to disrespect anyone.

“At the bottom of the day I have nothing against Mr. Biden but I am frustrated because he could be doing a more excellent job,” Jared Schmeck, who works at an electric company, said. Jared Schmeck was previously a Medford officer for six years before he resigned in July 2018. “I don’t mean to disrespect him.”

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D.Calif.), who took to Twitter to criticize the 35-year old father of four, Schmeck’s trolling about Biden, is one of those particularly affected.

“I refuse to believe that we are so indecent as individuals,” Swalwell stated on Twitter that he would not celebrate Christmas Eve without mentioning Biden’s daughter and wife. “And not to someone who lost his wife or daughter at Christmastime. We are stronger than this. Be kind and #MerryChristmas

Swalwell had other things to do on Christmas Day and attacked Schmeck once more. Swalwell posted, “Don’t waste time on the pathetic father who humiliated himself to say F-U for the president on Christmas Eve.” “He’s irrelevant. Spend some time wondering why Republican leaders celebrate him. This is not the Republican Party of my parents. This new crew is at their core indecent.”

Schmeck is currently receiving death threats for an innocent joke. But Swalwell says it’s Republicans who “indecently to their core.”

Swalwell should have his head examined, I believe.

According to Twitter reports, #JaredSchmeck has been trending since this writing. This is due to the backlash he’s received. Dana Loesch tweeted, “The same people who have said Trump (and others who were fine with it), at awards shows and other events for years are mad that some rando played the guy who claimed the entire pandemic is the fault of the uninjected.” “Man, these people are not the collective victim.”

He doesn’t consider Christmas sacred enough to attack a sitting president. Swalwell called for President Trump’s prosecution on Christmas Eve 2017.

Swalwell also repeatedly criticized Trump around Christmas last year. So I suppose he isn’t “better than that,” but certainly not enough to bully a private citizen.

Don’t forget to mention that Swalwell was rumored to have had an affair with a Chinese spy.