The New Colonialism: Africa Rebuffs US Overtures to Commit Energy Suicide


The U.S. government, Western oligarchs, and other Western oligarchs have taken the control of the destruction of our natural resources to the extreme and want to keep Africa out of the dark. They are also using climate imperialism as a means to do this. The Biden administration wants to impose an “emergency” rule on African countries, preventing them from developing their land and using their energy resources for power. One African government has seen the absurdity for what it really is and others are likely to follow their lead.

The Democratic Republic of Congo placed 30 blocks of oil-and-gas lands up for sale in July. These lands could be used for drilling or other development. John Kerry, the United States “climate envoy”, urged Congo’s prime Minister to reconsider the auction of some of these lands earlier this month. He feared that Africa might not be able to get out from under the shadows and live the same lifestyle as the West until very recently. Last week, Environment Minister Eve Bazaiba refused to grant the request. In an interview with Reuters, she stated that “Nobody can pressure us… No convention in the world forbids a nation from emitting CO2 to develop reasons.”

Bazaiba lashed out at the Western tendency to meddle when she commented on the U.S.Congo working group for the protection of Congolese forests. She stated, “This isn’t a working group where a colonialist controls the colony.” The Congo is not willing to accept the new era of colonialism. But this time, instead of the West exploiting Africa, the West wants to make Africa commit civilizational suicide. It’s too bad that the American governors cannot say this to the Biden government as they seek to federalize the land and lock it up in their states.

Ironically, the West is falling into an uncharted post-development nation status and is retreating with self-immolation through the destruction of its energy resources. Africa is aware of the power and potential of industrialization, which was what Africa had been lacking for over a century. It wants to be able to enjoy what we enjoyed before our governments were taken by energy masochists.

As Jeff Bezos’ environmental fund Bezos Earth Fund seeks to “conserve 100 million hectares” of Africa’s land by 2030, the so-called AFR100 initiative, the Congo land-use rift was created. Andrew Steer, Bezos’ chief executive had the nerve to portray this plan as “the rich helping the poor” rather than the truth of the matter – the rich who have the means to self-immolate and exploit the poorer by using their resources for useless solar and wind technology. Steer stated that rich countries will need to play a greater role in creating resilience and helping poor countries and citizens adapt.

However, as stupid as the Western parasites may think the Africans to be, they aren’t stupid. They don’t buy into the “climate crisis” narrative, don’t believe that policies will impact the weather, and they understand that the alternatives to oil, coal, and gas, which are natural energy created by God, won’t work. This will only perpetuate and increase poverty in Africa. They are watching the French gas rationing and the imminent heating crisis in Europe. This is a result of the self-imposed destruction of Western energy resources.

Unexpectedly, while France and Germany are wallowing in their misery, they offer $600 million to South Africa to promote the same climate idiocy which caused this crisis. The Africans don’t plan to follow the same path of geo-political masochism as their European counterparts, particularly since South Africa is beating inflation using its coal-producing capabilities.

The African countries will push an agenda for energy development that is directly opposed to the West at the upcoming climate conference (“COP27”), Sharm El Sheikh. According to Reuters, Ruth Nankabirwa Ssentamu (Ugandan Energy Minister) said that Africa has woken up. She stated that the country will exploit its natural resources. Omar Farouk Ibrahim (secretary general of the African Petroleum Producers’ Organization) stated that energy is essential for any economic development.

The Africans know that it is impossible to provide power to 600 million sub-Saharan residents without electricity, and almost 1 billion people without clean energy for cooking. They rely on solar panels and wind farms, which are extremely expensive and require a lot of infrastructures. Ironically, these systems are powered by traditional fuels.

Ironically, the very same German leaders who sponsored green energy boondoggles and tried to get Africa to join their insane climate projects now count on Africa’s huge natural gas reserves as a cushion for their energy crisis. Why are they trying to stop the hand that could feed them? The old colonialist mindset?

As the Biden administration urges Africa to not develop its oil and natural gas resources, it begs the Saudis to stop cutting oil production until after the election. African leaders are beginning to see past the politics of Western meddling. They aren’t happy with the meddling and they don’t agree with the example set by Westerners in their countries. Perhaps Africa is more educated than the West, for once.