The Obama and Biden Camps Have Resentment and Jealousy


The Washington Post reports tensions between President Barack Obama’s former camp and President Joe Biden. Obama visited Washington on Wednesday to unveil his official White House portrait.

Fox News reports:

“The report claimed that despite the “bromance” between the two leaders, and the “jovial atmosphere” that seems to accompany their meetings, there is “resentment” between the people in Obama’s and Biden’s camps.”

Tyler Pager Washington Post White House reporter stated:

“Democrats welcomed Barack Obama back to the White House in April with a heroes welcome. ”

This seems to be what Pager is referring to.

Pager continues:

Obama opened his remarks by saluting Vice President Biden. He then walked away, hugging Biden and declaring that he was making fun of the situation. He did however note that the joke was intended to be funny for some Biden staffers, who had been around for a while.

According to WaPo’s White House reporter, the people of Biden did not like Obama’s comments and saw them as another example of Obama’s self-assurance.

They saw the quip in Obama’s arrogance as well as a reminder of the disrespect they felt from Obama’s aides toward Biden.

He continued, stating:

“Under this jovial atmosphere are tension and jealousy between Obama and Biden, complaining that Obama’s team doesn’t fully respect Biden.

Pager said Tuesday that there was no expectation of tension when Obama and Michelle Obama return Wednesday to the White House to unveil their official White House portraits. It is a relaxed atmosphere, filled with laughter, stories, and affection.

Pager stated that Obama’s decision to not endorse Biden until after his nomination was complete created an “awkward moment.” ”


“In particular, there is still anger in Biden’s camp over former Obama White House officers that saw the then vice president as a potential political liability.” Pager said, “Many remember that some Obama aides tried to argue for Biden’s removal from the 2012 ticket.” It is also difficult to forgive Obama staffers for trying to stop Biden from running in 2016 as president so that Hillary Clinton could get the nomination.

Pager noted that a White House official dismissed the notion of tension between the camps.

Here is the portrait for those who are interested: