Top Biden Appointee Admits She Lied Under Oath


Jennifer Granholm is one of Joe Biden’s top appointees. She has admitted to lying under oath before Congress.

Granholm wrote a letter to the Senate on Friday, claiming she had made a mistake in claiming at a hearing of Congress held on April 20th that she didn’t own individual stocks. She still held shares in six different companies at that time. She made the false statement to match her testimony during her confirmation hearings in 2021, when she said she had divested from stock that could interfere with her future employment (Fox News).

Granholm’s letter, obtained by Fox News Digital, stated that “as you are aware, I have divested myself of assets in 2021 as part the confirmation process before the Committee.” I did retain assets which were determined to be incompatible with my official duties by Government ethics officials.

Granholm admits to this crime in her letter. Imagine this. Would the original lie be prosecutable if you admitted lying to the FBI months later? In this situation, there are rarely any takebacks.

Granholm claims that this was a huge mistake. But there are reasons to be skeptical. Why, for example, did she sell the stocks mid-May and not inform Congress until mid-June that she had lied? This doesn’t seem like someone who realized their mistake and took swift action to correct it. It appears that Granholm initially tried to cover her lie by divesting quietly and then only confessed to it because she was afraid of being found out.

She should resign her position regardless of whether or not she is charged with making a false statement to Congress. (A charge that the Biden DOJ would never pursue). Granholm’s ethical problems began the minute she was confirmed. She sold shares in Proterra, a manufacturer of electric vehicles, early in her tenure. Granholm, who has been a public advocate for electric vehicles, made a tidy $1.6 million when she sold the stock. How much money has Granholm made since then until her divestment complete on May 18, 2023?

Lack of accountability in the Biden administration is a continuing blight for the country. Granholm, a self serving figure, has no business being Energy Secretary. She is the latest example of rampant lawlessness allowed to continue by a political party.